Video – Admin Tools for ArcGIS, New Copy Symbology Tool Explained

For those of you finding yourselves going through all your Web Maps one at a time, updating your symbology over and over again, wishing there was a better way, rejoice! Copy Symbology from Web Map has you covered! 

This new tool will take care of that for you. You can now easily copy your existing symbology (and popup settings) for layers from one web map to another.

Blake Bilbo, Customer Support Lead at GEO Jobe (@Blake_GEOJobe) explains how to use the new Copy Symbology tool in this video. Note, for more assistance we encourage you to also consult our comprehensive knowledge base, you can find it at

The copy symbology tool is a HUGE time saver that will enable professionals to copy all the hard work already done and apply it to other webmaps you’ve built.

Steps to Run the Copy Symbology Tool in Admin Tools for ArcGIS (Pro and Portal):

  • In Admin Tools, select the Item Tools main menu (far left)
    • then the Update, Copy Symbology Tool option
  • Find one or more web maps with feature services and/or dynamic map services as a source of symbology
  • Search your list of maps
    • select the source map to pull symbology and popups from
  • Select all items to apply the symbology to
  • Identify (using drop-down list) which layers your will copy the symbology to – Note: The options are determined from your source map
  • Verify all your selections from the confirmation screen
  • Run the Tool
  • Maps will now share the same look as your original source map, including popup definitions

You can access this video directly HERE on our Youtube Channel

We’ve listened to our global community of users from more than 5,000 user organizations, including “power” users from enterprise facilities, airports, local government, utilities, higher education facilities, and environmental organizations to come up with our updates for Admin Tools 1.3. New functionality includes Copy Symbology from Web Map – Update multiple web map symbols from one or more web maps – and much more! Learn more

Interested in learning more about Admin Tools? See more details at Admin Tools for ArcGIS and on Twitter @geojobegis. Additionally, be sure to consult our growing Knowledge Base.
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