#WednesdayWisdom – How to View Item Dependencies in ArcGIS Online

Viewing Item Dependencies has been a request so highly demanded, and such an immediate need, that sometimes, the users of our software ask for it before realizing that it’s already in our Pro tools!

view item dependencies

Many Administrators have difficulty finding a practical or efficient way to determine what feature services and layers are being consumed by what web maps and web apps. Many times, users will delete what they assume is an unused layer, only for it to break some content somewhere in their Organization. With our view item dependencies tool, we lay out exactly what admins want when they are checking on how content is used throughout their organization.

The View Item Dependencies Tool Answers questions such as:

  • How many web maps and web apps are dependent on a specific service?
  • If I delete this service what web maps and web apps will be affected?
  • What web maps are supporting your web applications?
  • What services are supporting your web maps and web apps?

The Tool is explained further by our Support Engineer, Blake Bilbo

Steps to access View Item Dependencies with Admin Tools:

  1. Open any item tool that provides a list view of your items (example: Browse Items).
  2. After finding the item you’d like to view dependencies for, select the drop-down arrow, and choose “View Item Dependencies.”

When viewing an item’s dependencies, a number of different features are available:

Explanation of Icons

Note: The View Item Dependencies is only available in the Pro and Portal Versions of Admin Tools – Video demonstration

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