Include ArcGIS Online Maps in Your Blog – 10 Things You Can Do With Web Maps for WordPress

Yes indeed, with Web Maps for WordPress anyone can Integrate the power of “where” into your pages and posts with interactive maps exposing authoritative content. This add-on for the World’s most popular CMS is Designed to bridge the gap between authoritative maps registered with ArcGIS Online and WordPress.

web maps for wordpress

Web Maps for WordPress is easy to use, affordable (how about free!) and the best way to add professional looking maps to your blog posts. You don’t have to be a geographer, GeoGeek, or GIS pro to use this, although if you happen to be one of those, you may really dig the Pro version which allows you to connect your ArcGIS Online with your WordPress blog.

How it Works

While editing pages or posts, you’ll notice the addition of an “Add Map” button next to “Add Media”. The Add Map button is designed to provide WordPress users with a more streamlined process for embedding web maps in their pages and posts. While very similar to the Add Media button, Add Map puts millions of interactive maps at the fingertips of bloggers, website creators, media outlets and news organizations. Adding a web map to your blog post is easy.

  • Position your cursor in your blog post at the location where you would like the map
  • click the “Add Map” button
  • search ArcGIS Online or optionally, your org for content – or simply select a basemap
  • To add a location map select a simple “basemap”, for example, Bing aerial map
  • Under advanced formatting, click Search, then enter an address
  • the map will center on the location you specified (for example, San Diego Convention Center, San Diego, CA)
  • Optionally enable map options (enable scrolling, add scalebar, toggle basemap
  • Insert Map
  • That’s it!

The following are 10 Things the user can easily accomplish using Web Maps:

  1. SEARCH – Search millions of interactive web maps using one or more keywords – All public web maps registered with ArcGIS Online that have a name or contain tags matching your keywords will be returned.
  2. CUSTOM MAPS & MARKERS – Set your own custom map extents and create a map marker to display
  3. MAP DETAILS – Click map details link – this will take you to the ArcGIS Online item details page where a variety of additional information about this map is available.
  4. CONFIGURE – Configure the map with many cartography options before the map is embedded.
  5. CREATE INTERACTIVE MAPS – Embedded maps are fully interactive, which means that users can zoom in/out and identify features on the map.
  6. ARCGISONLINE CONNECT – All visible data and capabilities exposed on each map layer are controlled within ArcGIS Online by the map creator.
  7. POP-UPS – For layers with pop-ups enabled, users can click on features to see additional information in a pop-up dialog.
  8. MAP CONTROLS – Additional map controls exposed to the user (scale bar, legend, etc.) are determined on the WordPress side by the map settings.
  9. LARGER MAPS – For users that want a more robust experience for interacting with the map, they can click the “view larger map” link which will open the web map up in the ArcGIS Online map viewer.
  10. INTERACTIVE MAPS – Embedded maps are fully interactive, which means that users can zoom in/out and identify features on the map

For the first time, millions of WordPress users will be able to seamlessly enhance the information they’re communicating with authoritative maps exposing authoritative content from authoritative sources!

See the plugin in the Directory HERE

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