Grow Your Dev Skills then Launch Your Geo StartUp – Esri Adds 30 new DevLabs

We’ve been touching on the topic of education and professional development a bit lately, like this post just yesterday that shared more than a dozen free, training resources that you can use on your coffee break. Well, no to be outdone, the Esri Dev Team has added a number of new training Lab resources to the DevLabs – a must use resource for any GeoGeek coding in the ArcGIS ecosystem.

Grow Your Dev Skills - Esri Adds 30 new DevLabs

So, what exactly are the DevLabs? For you recent grads or those of you looking to get into the coding side of the business, the Labs are THE place where you can polish your skills, view sample code, explore open data, share your content and learn how to quickly build your own apps. This description from Esri… “The Labs are short tutorials that step you through the process of building geospatial apps with the ArcGIS platform. They follow a Data – Design – Develop workflow and illustrate how to import data, style maps and layers, and then add maps and layers to applications. The labs are very short (5-15 minutes each) and you can complete them in any order you want and in the language of your choice: JavaScript, Android, iOSor with any of the Runtime APIs.”

What’s New?

Python – Everyone needs more Python indeed, particularly if you want to be employed in GIS. The new Python labs show you how to use the ArcGIS API for Python to automate workflows that help you prepare and maintain data for your applications.

REST Labs – The new REST labs show you how to access ArcGIS Services (Feature Services, Geocoding, Directions…) directly with the ArcGIS REST API, which is extremely helpful when building and integrating ArcGIS Services into larger enterprise solutions

And the entire updated list from the Dev Team – there’s something for everyone:

New Data Labs

New Python Labs


New JavaScript Labs

New Android Labs

New iOS Labs

New .NET Labs

New Qt Labs

arcgis developer program

Note, in order to access the labs you’ll need an ArcGIS Developer Account. This will give you access to data and enable sharing your work with others

You can keep tabs on Esri Dev resources, tips and tricks by following several accounts on Twitter including: @esrigeodev @EsriUKgeodev @EsriDevsummit @Esri_Com_Dev

Developers Ready to Launch their App or Business

Learning valuable coding skills is a tremdously valuable thing for any Geo Professional. Once you’ve honed your skills, found some OpenData, and thought of an idea for the next great webapp, webmap, or service there are sevral avenues to consider. Firstly, the ArcGIS Marketplace. This is where you can expose your app to the World, making it available for download of purchase by tens of thousands of user organizations around the World.

arcgis marketplace

The ArcGIS Marketplace ( is essentially a one-stop online market where users of ArcGIS Online can extend their capabilities by adding apps, tools, and features to their business.

For developers, GIS solution providers (consultants) and new startups, the MarketPlace is a perfect outlet to jump-start or launch your business or new application. Esri business partners are encouraged to build apps on the platform and use the Marketplace as a vehicle to reach users and customers.  To become a solution provider Esri has a page just for you and describes how to become an ArcGIS Marketplace provider.

For the developer with an idea in launch stage or for businesses interested in ramping up and launching as a “startup” consider the Esri Startup Program. The free, three year program provides online services, software, support, and training to kick-start product development. Companies founded less than three years ago that build software or platform-as-a-service products and currently generate less than $1 million annually may be eligible to participate in the Esri Startup Program. Since the launch of the startup program, a number of the companies have launched their apps in the Marketplace resulting in many new additions to the portfolio. For more information about the Esri Startup Program see and on Twitter @esristartups. Developers can apply for the program HERE

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