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Recall, there was much to discuss, see, hear, and learn about at DevSummit this year. In our look at 10 favorite things of interest from DevSummit were mentions of real time data feeds, the focus on 3D, amazing data visualization particularly via the new Insights, ArcGIS as an enterprise platform, and naturally, AppStudio for ArcGIS – a one stop shop for testing and deploying your apps.

AppStudio for ArcGIS is a groundbreaking tool in the GIS app revolution. It lets you convert your maps into beautiful, consumer-friendly mobile apps ready for Android, iOS, Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux, and publish them using your own brand to all popular app stores – best of all, no developer skills are required!

So, why AppStudio? Creating your first app couldn’t be easier as there are configurable, out of the box templates provided for you and driven by a user friendly wizard. No more writing for multiple environments as AppStudio is designed as a “build once and deploy to all”  meaning your app is ready upon completion for Android, iOS, Windows, OS X, and Linux. Finally, your apps are created from your existing data, maps and webmaps and ready to share and deploy to popular app stores from Google, Apple and Microsoft.

There was much attention paid to AppStudio at the 2017 DevSummit with numerous sessions presented to help developers and non-developers become familiar with the solution. The following are video recordings from the Esri Theater that can help you become an AppStudio pro. 22017 Esri DevSummit AppStudio Tech and Demo Theater Sessions videos: (Source: Esri blog)

For developers looking to dive in, there’s a number of prebuilt apps to build off of and use as inspiration or enhance your AppStudio for ArcGIS apps via the Github – check em out here

The Opportunity for Developers & Startups is Real

For developers, GIS solution providers (consultants) and new startups, the ArcGIS MarketPlace is a perfect outlet to jump-start or launch your business or new application. Esri business partners and other users are encouraged to build apps on the platform and use the Marketplace as a vehicle to reach users and customers.  Benefits are huge and include such perks as support and training, community participation and marketing perks, access to software, and connections or leads to valuable Esri partners. To become a solution provider Esri has a page just for you and describes how to become an ArcGIS Marketplace provider.
arcgis marketplace

Benefits of the ArcGIS Marketplace:

  • Access to the global ArcGIS user community
  • Keep all of the sales revenue from your listings (small fee for e-commerce service)
  • Provide trials and get qualified leads
  • Leverage the e-commerce integration
  • Differentiate your products and content
  • Manage subscriptions and renewals
  • Take advantage of built-in marketing to the ArcGIS user community
  • 3 years of participation and perks!

Developers wanting to deploy Mobile Apps and make them available  to the ArcGIS user community, see this resource about developing with AppStudio for ArcGIS

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