What’s Coming to ArcGIS Online, June 2018

Recall, it was April when we shared details of the last update to ArcGIS Online. We looked at new features and also shared 10 favorite enhancements to mapping and data visualization tools, 3D improvements, Analytics , Data, and more. Well, good news! As Esri has announced via the Community Blogs, ArcGIS Online will receive another update on June 26.

What's new in ArcGIS Online (Credit: Esri)What’s new in ArcGIS Online (Credit: Esri)

On June 7, 2018 a blog post appeared on the Esri GeoNet Community site. The piece shared a number of planned updates for ArcGIS Online, expected to appear June 26. Some new capabilities include:

  • Organizations can request to have their identities verified by Esri. Once verified, they can mark their publicly shared items authoritative
  • The Organization page has been redesigned (see image below). It provides convenient tabs to monitor and manage your organization. Note, recall that Esri recently shared tips on cross-organization sharing!
  • The ability to create and edit domains, plus give you a field centric view of a layer’s fields that allows the data owner to configure field properties.
  • Map authors who support offline field work can now create pre-planned map areas to make it easier and faster to take maps offline for field use.
  • A new Smart Mapping style is available for bivariate thematic mapping.
  • Navigate below the surface of the earth in global scenes and view subsurface utility pipes or geological features thanks to updates in Scene Viewer
  • NEW!! Introducing ArcGIS Companion – a mobile app created to complement your ArcGIS organization with access to many of the important features.

The redesigned Organization page is likely to get your attention. According to Esri’s Kelly Gerrow-Wilcox this is the first step in the redesign and new capabilities that users and admins will be treated to (see Kelly’s blog about it here). From Kelly, “This update features a tabbed interface, new overview and members pages, and minimal changes to the licensing, status, and settings pages. ” Stay tuned for more.

The new Organization page design (Credit: Esri)

There’s loads of new stuff coming… What are you excited for or what would you like to see in the future? Please share with us or ping us on Twitter @geojobegis

On the topic of updates- here at GEO Jobe, we’ve been busy adding functionality to Admin Tools for ArcGIS Online. Admin Tools V1.2 is now available in the MarketPlace. What’s hot in this latest release? We’ve made loads of fixes and updates and perhaps the coolest, new feature is a robust thumbnail creation tool – You gotta see this!! 

new Admin Tools V.1.2

Learn all about Admin Tools V1.2 and all our solutions for ArcGIS Online at ESRIUC. You’ll find us at Booth #2031 – we hope to see you there!

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