There’s a New Mobile Companion for your ArcGIS Online Organization

Given that we are the developer of the very popular Admin Tools for ArcGIS Online, the top app for ArcGIS Online administrators, we’re always interested in other tools that the admin can use. Introducing a native mobile app created to complement your ArcGIS Online organization account. ArcGIS Companion (built with  AppStudio for ArcGIS) is a free app available via public app stores and provided as part of your ArcGIS org subscription.

arcgis companion app

Getting started with Companion is easy – simply download the app to your phone or tablet (Android or iOS) and sign in with your ArcGIS Organizational account. Once you provision the app, you will have access to your organization’s ArcGIS Online account, where you can accomplish a number of things. Note: any ArcGIS organization user, online or enterprise, will be able to use the app.

Some of the useful tasks you can accomplish with the app include:

  • Updating member roles
  • View account holder credits
  • Delete orgs and groups (for Admins)
  • Enable / disable member access
  • Manage and reset member passwords
  • View notifications
  • Join and manage Groups
  • Set sharing properties
  • View webmaps
  • Launch items within other compatible mobile apps (eg. Survey 123)
Quick and simple – just sign in to your account


Quickly view all your content


Group access and management in Companion
Group access and management in Companion


Manage your content
Manage your ArcGIS Online content


View content usage statistics
View content usage statistics

In addition to having immediate access to your organization’s account, users of Companion have quick access to Content, Groups, members, and Esri content including blog posts (from Esri blogs), Tweets, and Esri news. As an added bonus, this app will also support any user who has signed up via trial or the developer program. More info about what you can accomplish with Companion can be found in this Esri blog post,  10 things you should try in the new ArcGIS Companion mobile app.

The Companion app won’t replace how you use and access your content. However, it will assist you in staying connected and monitoring/managing your organization’s content. Note, for administrators requiring tools and capabilities to perform regular tasks or the maintenance and management of all of their org’s content, groups, and users, it is suggested that you provision Admin Tools for ArcGIS Online from the Esri Marketplace – there are many good reasons why over 4,500 ArcGIS organizations use it! Admin Tools is available free, Pro, and for Portal.

Useful Weblinks:

The following is the complete functionality list for Companion V 1.0:

  • Sign into ArcGIS Online orgs
    • Fingerprint/Touch/FaceID support
    • Remember user (opt-in )
  • Content
    • View your content
    • View org content
    • View favorites and add/remove to favorites
    • Sort by title or date
    • Comment (Add or reply)
    • Open in other ArcGIS apps (if installed)
    • Open in browser (limited item types, more support coming soon)
    • If content owner/org admin
      • View usage statistics
      • Modify sharing preferences
      • Delete comments
  • Share content
    • Groups
    • Org
    • Everyone
    • Links & social media
  • Groups
    • View groups 
    • View each group info, content, and members
    • Request to join group
    • If Group owner/admin
      • search for members and add them to a group
      • promote member to manager and vice versa (Group admin only)
      • Modify properties of the group
      • Invite members within org and outside org
  • Search
    • Content within org or all online
    • Filters
    • Remember last five searches
    • People search available within the Org tab in v1
  • Notifications
    • Show any pending notifications
    • Allow action to be taken
  • Org
    • Info on org (details, link, orgID, items, groups, credits, etc…) 
    • List of members, admins
  • Profile 
    • Info, credits
    • Org settings
    • View licenses assigned
    • Change password
    • Edit Profile 
      • Name
      • Photo
      • Bio
  • Discover your org items
    • Featured items (if configured)
    • Popular items
    • New items
    • Learn about Esri via blogs, tweets and news
    • Search bar
  • App preferences/settings
  • Full support for custom roles settings & privileges
  • Admin specific
    • Disable/enable member
    • Change member role
    • Change member info on behalf
    • Enable Esri access for any member
    • Delete any org item, group
    • Modify any content/group settings
    • More info on org (credits, expiration, etc..)
  • Supported Platforms and Devices
    • iOS
      • iPhone (iOS 10 and above)
      • iPad (iOS 10 and above)
    • Android
      • Any arm based device
      • API level 16 and above
      • Android x86 platform

(Source, Esri)


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