ArcGIS Pro Updates – A Patch to 2.0.1, Convert 2D maps to 3D Scenes and more

ArcGIS Pro 2.0, Esri’s next-generation desktop GIS, was released this past summer and is available from My Esri – recall, ArcGIS Pro is the future for Esri product development and all efforts will be going into it moving forward. From Esri, “ArcGIS Pro 2.0 brings more of your highly requested workflows to the table, features new innovations not available in any other desktop GIS. With Pro 2.0 you can Easily explore your 3D landscapes with the new innovative 3D navigation controls and sync the views of your 3D and 2D maps.” Most recently, a patch for 2.0.1 was announced.

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At R 2.0 ArcGIS Pro added a number of enhancements and improvements including:

  • annotation editing, enabling users to annotate areas that aren’t represented by features in a feature class
  • use grids to display measured locations using projected coordinates on the map
  • adding custom charts to layouts
  • new Project Favorites folder
  • connect to a WFS
  • and much more

More recently, Esri has rolled out an update with a patch to R 2.0.1 which addresses a number of issues.

Are you interested in a little help getting up and running with ArcGIS Pro? Well, you may be in luck as there’s a new Quick Start Guide, “Getting Started with ArcGIS Pro”, providing step-by-step instructions for downloading, installing, and licensing ArcGIS Pro. It provides easy-to-follow instructions for setting up ArcGIS Pro with any licensing method: Named User, Single Use, or Concurrent Use. There are also steps for converting Named User licenses to Single Use or Concurrent Use licenses. The guide also provides answers to sonmefrequently asked questions – See Getting Started with ArcGIS Pro

What’s cool? Did you know that the ability to view maps in 3D is part of ArcGIS Pro? Any 2D map can be converted to a 3D scene for visualization or 3D analysis. The video below walks you through this process:

What is ArcGIS Pro??

With Pro users can accomplish many things including:

  • Migrate maps, scenes and globes to Pro projects
  • Deploy Pro configured for your needs
  • Create and share maps, scenes and analysis
  • Customize Pro using the ArcGIS Pro SDK
  • Import your data into customizable templates
  • Use web services, live feeds, and 300+ supported data formats
  • Create maps that combine 2D and 3D GIS
  • See 10 Benefits of ArcGIS Pro

ArcGIS Pro Getting Started Resources:

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