ArcGIS Pro Tips – Benefits, Tricks, Migrating, and ArcGIS Pro at DevSummit

ArcGIS Pro is included with ArcMap as a part of ArcGIS Desktop. This 64-bit addition to the ArcGIS Desktop collection of applications lets you render and process your data faster than ever. Import map documents (.mxd), scenes (.sxd), and globes (.3DD) into ArcGIS Pro and save them as projects (.aprx). You can use and share services published with ArcGIS Pro via ArcMap.

ArcGIS Pro features a modern ribbon-based user interface, 2D and 3D views
ArcGIS Pro features a modern ribbon-based user interface, 2D and 3D views (Image: Esri)

Benefits of ArcGIS Pro

So why should you consider migrating to ArcGIS Pro? There are many benefits ArcGIS Pro brings to the table. Here are a few of them according to Esri:

  • ArcGIS Pro features a modern ribbon-based user interface, 2D and 3D views, multi­threaded geoprocessing, support for multiple maps and layouts, and more (see image below)
  • 2D and 3D maps that you create in ArcGIS Pro can easily be shared as web maps and web scenes to ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Enterprise
  • you can customize ArcGIS Pro in numerous ways to fit your needs. Create Tasks in Pro to streamline repeatable workflows, automate your work with Python and more
  • ArcGIS Pro has many capabilities beyond ArcMap including better 3D visualization
  • There are SO many great learning materials for ArcGIS Pro, and a lot of them are free – be sure to check out  ArcGIS Pro lessons.
  • ArcGIS Pro doesn’t cost anything extra! It is included with ArcGIS Desktop, which also includes ArcMap and ArcCatalog
  • The majority of the ArcGIS Desktop extensions are available in ArcGIS Pro. These include 3D Analyst, Data Interoperability, Data Reviewer, Geostatistical Analyst and more
  • You can import your ArcMap documents directly into ArcGIS Pro projects. To learn how, try the Import an ArcMap document tutorial
  • The majority of geoprocessing tools that are available in ArcMap are also in ArcGIS Pro
  • Sharing is easy with ArcGIS Pro. You can share your work (maps, layouts, geoprocessing tools, models, and more) with others


Pro is customizable and extensible, and while it is a completely new application, supports easy migration of existing ArcGIS Desktop documents, data and tools. We share some ArcGIS Pro migration tips, a look at what is ArcGIS Pro and a list of 10 useful resources. With Pro users can accomplish many things including:

  • Migrate maps, scenes and globes to Pro projects
  • Deploy Pro configured for your needs
  • Create and share maps, scenes and analysis
  • Customize Pro using the ArcGIS Pro SDK
  • Import your data into customizable templates
  • Use web services, live feeds, and 300+ supported data formats
  • Create maps that combine 2D and 3D GIS

As you make the migration to ArcGIS Pro you will notice that there are some differences to be aware of. A few of the differences include:

  • A new user interface – very microsoft app like
  • “contextual ribbon” Ribbons at the top change based on the context
  • Takes a large app and makes it simpler to use
  • Views are dockable, can be synched (pan and zoom in concert with each other)
  • Panes are modeless and popup to the side of your work
  • In Pro you work with projects (See below) – multiple maps and layouts, tools and toolboxes, a default geodatabase – all can be packaged and shared as a project – can be shared as a file or via AGO (you work with projects and not MXDs)

For those of you heading to Esri EPC & DevSummit next month in Palm Springs, there will be plenty of opportunities to learn all about ArcGIS Pro via presentations, training sessions, live demos and more.

ArcGIS Pro at DevSummit

ArcGIS Pro: The Road Ahead
Tuesday, March 06, 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Thursday, March 08, 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm
ArcGIS Pro is the premier desktop GIS for 2D and 3D mapping, analysis and editing. Come and hear from senior members of the ArcGIS Pro team as they discuss ArcGIS Pro’s latest capabilities and what’s planned for the future.

ArcGIS Pro SDK for .NET: Beginning Pro Customization and Extensibility
Friday, March 09, 10:00 am – 11:00 am
Learn how to customize and extend ArcGIS Pro with its .NET SDK. We’ll show you how you can get up and running quickly with the Add-in and Configuration customization patterns, declarative programming with DAML, and asynchronous programming with ArcGIS Pro’s QueuedTask.

Python: Map Automation in ArcGIS Pro
Thursday, March 08, 10:30 am – 11:30 am
This session is for those who are familiar with the arcpy.mapping module used with ArcMap and want to explore this API in ArcGIS Pro. We will identify changes made to the API and discuss what is needed to migrate scripts to ArcGIS Pro. This presentation will also focus on updating data sources, the new symbology API and updates made available with the 2.1 release.

ArcGIS Pro SDK for .NET: An Overview of the Geodatabase API
Tuesday, March 06, 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm
This session will provide an overview of the geodatabase .NET API (ArcGIS.Core.Data) for working with data in ArcGIS Pro, including working with datasets, fields, queries, selections, joins and relates.

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