Questions, Answers and 10 More ArcGIS Pro Tips and Reasons to Migrate

Ready for some ArcGIS Pro Tips? You may be still thinking about making a move to ArcGIS Pro. Perhaps you’re wondering what is it all about or perhaps looking for more reasons to migrate to Pro – recall, we confirmed in a previous post that ArcGIS Pro is where future Esri R&D efforts will be focused! Recently, Esri’s Hannah Deindorfer (@hannahdein11) shared a useful update citing 10 useful and informative questions / Tips that were answered at ESRIUC about ArcGIS Pro.

arcgis pro tips
In ArcGIS Pro, the core tabs—Project, Insert, Analysis, View, Edit, and Share—are always available

Some unique features of ArcGIS Pro 2.0 :

  • Easily explore your 3D landscapes with the new innovative 3D navigation controls and sync the views of your 3D and 2D maps.
  • Your layouts are more useful and powerful than ever with embeddable dynamic interactive charts.
  • Improvements to 3D drawing including feature drawing by camera distance and enhanced lighting of 3D objects make your 3D visualizations even better.
  • Analytics Improvements with fill missing values tools and enhanced spacetime cubes.
  • Get more done with new geoprocessing tools only available in ArcGIS Pro.

From the 2017 ESRIUC, the ArcGIS Pro Area team at the Esri Product Showcase area received loads of questions from attendees and users. The following, according to Hannah, are snippets from 10 of the top questions received:

Q: What are the biggest benefits of using ArcGIS Pro?
A: ArcGIS Pro is the future of desktop GIS. Our dev team is still doing great work to maintain ArcMap, but ArcGIS Pro is the focus of our advancing development work and new functionality.

Q: What are the differences between ArcGIS Pro and ArcMap?
A: ArcGIS Pro has many capabilities beyond ArcMap including better 3D visualization,tighter integration with web GIS, advanced animation tools, and the ability to publish vector tiles

Q: What should I look at to get started with ArcGIS Pro?
A: There are SO many great learning materials for ArcGIS Pro, and a lot of them are free! If you’re looking for short tutorials, check out the ArcGIS Pro Help Quick Start Tutorials. For longer, complete workflows based in real-life problem solving, Learn ArcGIS has several ArcGIS Pro lessons.

Q: How do I get ArcGIS Pro and is there extra cost?
A: ArcGIS Pro doesn’t cost anything extra! It is included with ArcGIS Desktop, which also includes ArcMap and ArcCatalog

Q: Do I have to get new licenses for my existing ArcGIS Desktop extensions?
A: No. Extensions licensed for ArcGIS Desktop can be used with both ArcMap and ArcGIS Pro.

Q: Will my existing ArcMap documents work?
A: Yes! You can import your ArcMap documents directly into ArcGIS Pro projects. To learn how, try the Import an ArcMap document tutorial.

Q: Can I export maps from ArcGIS Pro to ArcMap?
A: No. While you can import an .mxd into Pro, they are not backwards compatible. Once they are imported into Pro, map documents (.mxd) are converted into map (.mapx) and layout (.lyrx) files.

Q: What are tasks?
A: A task is like a recipe that you can create for other users to follow to complete a complex or unfamiliar workflow.

Q: How do I share my maps? Can I publish to a server yet?
A: Sharing is easy with ArcGIS Pro. You can share your work (maps, layouts, geoprocessing tools, models, and more) with others.

Q: Is ArcMap going away? Do I have to switch to ArcGIS Pro?
A: ArcMap is not going away anytime soon. We will continue to support past and future releases of ArcMap, fix bugs, and maintain the software for a long time to come.

Note: For more detailed answers to these 10 questions be sure to consult this Esri blog post 

For information to help you migrate to Pro see here

TIP: Administrators, a reminder that as you make the move to migrate to ArcGIS Pro, this is also a great time to adopt and start taking advantage of our Admin tools for ArcGIS Online, if you aren’t already using them. The Tools are available free, pro, and for portal and provide more than 50 handy tools that will help your GIS department be even more efficient.

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