Week-end GEO Reading Tip – Mastering ArcGIS Server Development with JavaScript

Searching for some week-end reading? Here’s a fine suggestion for Developers and others interested in polishing their skills in ArcGIS Server and related technology – Mastering ArcGIS Server Development with JavaScript. 

mastering arcgis server

About the Book

The book begins by introducing you to ArcGIS Server and ESRI’s JavaScript API. You’ll work with your first web map and then move on to learn about ESRI’s building blocks. A Dojo AMS style widget will help you create your own widgets for a map and then see how to collect geographic data.

Furthermore, you will learn different techniques such as using Dojo Charts to create charts and graphs to represent your data. Then you will see how to use ESRI JavaScript API with other JavaScript libraries and different styling methods to make your map stand out. By the end of the book, you will discover how to make your application compatible with different devices and platforms and test it using testing libraries.

About Ken

Ken Doman has worked in the GIS field since 2007. In his first GIS job, he was given a stack of maps, some AutoCAD data, and a shoe box full of address notes and was told to make a web-accessible GIS application ou software. Most recently, Doman joined us here at GEO Jobe as a Solutions Engineer. He is an ESRI certified web application developer and has created many public web applications using ArcGIS. Ken has strived to make geographic data available and easily accessible over the Internet!

Note, something of interest, a side project Ken has worked on over the years – ESRI REST Diagnostics (https://github.com/raykendo/ESRI_REST_Diagnostics) are a set of browser bookmark applications (or bookmarklets) that could run while looking at services in ArcGIS Server.

If you hurry and grab the book you can bring it to DevSummit in March and chat with Ken about it there! Note, Ken may also be presenting a talk at DevSummit so be sure to look him up in the agenda (Still to be finalized)

You can learn more about Ken at http://raykendo.com. and connect with him on Twitter @raykendo

See  Mastering ArcGIS Server Development with JavaScript

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