ArcGIS ideas – Sharing Code with a Story Map

There’s no question that Story Maps and the Story Map templates are valuable and useful for many things. There are crowd-sourced story maps, some are strictly map based, some share news and event information, others are used to gather crowd-sourced information, and then some stories walk you through a visual experience told through photos and videos. But how about using a Story Map to share your code? 

A recent blog post by Owen Evans (@owengeo)  appeared on the ArcGIS Blog and shared how Story Maps are very useful for teaching and sharing instructions. I his post, Owen credits a resource he found, created by his Esri colleague, Rudy Prosser, that used a Story Map to present and deliver a code challenge. He credits the app with being able to effectively provide content to readers while also enabling them to interact with the code – after all, coders & developers do enjoy tinkering, playing, and breaking things during the testing process!

Below we share the story map with step-by-step instructions on how to share code samples in a story map. For those interested,  you can enjoy Rudy’s Map Series story that presents the code challenge HERE – great stuff!


See also more Story Maps that share instructional stories – no doubt many teachers and instructors can take advantage of these!

Read the blog from Owen Evans on the ArcGIS Blog

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