Just in time for ESRIUC, Survey123 for ArcGIS Gets an Update to v2.8

The annual ESRIUC is just around the corner,  and you know what that means – plenty of new functionality, fixes, and updates to the ArcGIS platform and supporting solutions. There’s no question that data is king, and updates to data collection tools and solutions are always greeted warmly. Those of you who are in the data collection business will be pleased to see that Survey123 for ArcGIS has received a pretty big update.


Ismael from Esri recently shared a blog post that looks at what’s new in Survey123 at 2.8. From Esri, “this update is, for the most part, focused on enhancements to web surveys, although a handful of fixes have also been made available for Survey123 Connect, and the Survey123 field app.” He explains a number of detailed enhancements have been implemented to help you design, share, and understand surveys better.

What’s New in Survey123 2.8:

  • Designer Enhancements – Survey123 Web Designer lets you visually build your own surveys, right from a web browser.
  • Survey123 Web Designer now includes a new type of question called Single Choice Grid. This question type lets you to arrange a set of single choice questions in a table.  Single Choice Grids will help you compact questions within your forms, allowing users to enter data more easily.
  • Thank You notes are presented right after a survey is submitted from a Web Form.
  • Through the new geosearch widget included in geopoint questions, you can now more easily set the initial extent and zoom level of your map.
  • Through the collaborate tab on the Survey123 website, you control who can submit data to your surveys and who can view their results.
  • Shortened Survey URL links, if working against ArcGIS Online
  • Photo galleries will be used to display data submitted into Image and Signature questions.
  • Now easily launch Survey123 Connect from the survey gallery to make updates and re-publish your Connect surveys.
  • and more!

Note, users are encouraged to follow this Survey123 GeoNet Group for updates, community discussion, tips, and more.

More About Survey 123

Capture data anytime, anywhere with the Survey123 for ArcGIS app. It works on your smartphone, laptop, or desktop as a native app as well as in your browser. With Survey 123, users can design Surveys that speed the collection process with predefined questions that use logic, provide easy-to-fill answers, include embedded audio and images, and offer multiple languages. For those interested in more, see this fine article titled “5 Reasons to Use Survey123 for ArcGIS“.

Not sure which Esri data collection solution is right for you? The following table shows a comparison of functionality among Survey123 for ArcGISCollector for ArcGIS, and GeoForm.

functionality among Survey123 for ArcGIS, Collector for ArcGIS, and GeoForm


Thanks to Ismael and his team for introducing us to Survey123 2.8. To read more about this update, including the entire list of enhancements and bug fixes, see this WHAT’S NEW BLOG.

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