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Esri has made a little noise in the Adobe World recently with the release of #ArcGIS Maps for Adobe Creative Cloud – scheduled for the end of May 2017. According to the company, this means that design and communication professionals will have access to data-driven maps right inside Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator on both Mac and PC. Huge news as this exposes the ArcGIS Online ecosystem to many more users, particularly those stuck in the world of Adobe, PDF and digital design.

ArcGIS Maps For Adobe Creative Cloud - Search, Preview, Download, Edit, Customize
ArcGIS Maps For Adobe Creative Cloud – Search, Preview, Download, Edit, Customize

10 Noteworthy details about this new solution:

  1. Get the tools you need while keeping data and file formats in sync between ArcGIS and Adobe
  2. Serve up GIS data and analytics to your design and publishing departments
  3. Creative freedom lets you make the beautiful maps you want
  4. Map options include: street maps, political boundaries, terrain, satellite images, and other spatial data
  5. At the first release, you will be able to use ArcGIS Maps for Adobe Creative Cloud inside Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop
  6. Like other ArcGIS apps, it will be fully integrated with the ArcGIS platform
  7. ArcGIS Maps for Creative Cloud will work in the MAC OS environment
  8. ArcGIS Maps for Adobe Creative Cloud will be included with an ArcGIS subscription (AGO or Portal subscription)
  9. The first release of ArcGIS Maps for Adobe Creative Cloud is currently planned for Q2 2017
  10. More information and updates can be had by following @Esri_apps on Twitter

Beta program is now open to those interested:

  • Pilot the use of the app’s current features before final release
  • Provide feedback, enhancements directly to the dev team
  • Collaborate with other beta testers, share ideas and workflows

Register for the Beta HERE

For more information about this solution see:

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