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Our services team has helped a number of government agencies / enterprise orgs get up and running with their own public facing Open Data portal, however, for those interested in taking on the task themselves and contributing data via Esri’s Open Data portal, Esri has made available the tools and resources to support you. The following tips come from a recently published blog post via Esri Canada.

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From Esri Canada… Using ArcGIS Open Data, it’s easy to create a publicly accessible site where data can be shared with the public in a variety of formats. If your organization has an ArcGIS Online subscription, you already have access to ArcGIS Open Data. Take advantage of this platform and easily launch an Open Data site yourself by following these steps:

Step 1

Prepare and Manage Data in an Open Data Configured ArcGIS Online Group – There are specific ArcGIS Online privileges that need to be granted to your users in order to enable and manage the Open Data site. These privileges are automatically granted to the Administrator role.

Step 2

Enable and configure the Open Data site – Now that you’ve got the data in your Group, you’ll want to activate your Open Data site. To enable Open Data capabilities in your organization’s ArcGIS Online site, navigate to My Organization > Edit Settings, and then click the ‘Open Data’ tab along the left hand side of the page.

Step 3

Design the Look of your Open Data Site – Using the wizards provided or your own HTML/CSS code, you can design the headers and footers of the site. The Body Content section of the Site Editor page is the main home page visited by your users.


Make the site public

See complete details of each step in this blog post from Esri Canada

Open Data allows organizations to use the ArcGIS platform to provide the public with open access to their authoritative data. Organizations configure a website with their own look and feel and specify Open Data groups to share specific items. The general public can use Open Data sites to search by topic or location, download data in multiple formats, and view data on an interactive map and in a table. (Esri)

Note, to date, more than 3,800 organizations around the World have made in excess of 59,000 datasets available via ArcGIS Open Data! Organizations that require support in helping to plan and deploy their open data, we’d be glad to have our enterprise team discuss options with you, including options for deployment and support from our GEOpowered Cloud solution.

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