ArcGIS Online June Update – 10 New Features and More!

With the annual International ESRIUC just around the corner (July 9-13, 2018), you can expect plenty of feature updates to the ArcGIS portfolio of apps and web services. As expected, ArcGIS Online has just received a refresh, and there’s plenty of new features and functionality.

What's new in ArcGIS Online (Credit: Esri)What’s new in ArcGIS Online (Credit: Esri)

Trust Bern Szukalski of Esri to keep us in the loop, as he’s penned a blog post that touches on this update. Note, be sure to look for Bern at the ESRIUC, where he will be presenting, and likely available, at the ArcGIS Online Island on the show floor. According to Szukalski, with this release “users get new smart mapping capabilities, a redesigned organization home page, new ways to mark your content as authoritative, and lots more goodies.”

Additionally, the Esri UK team has also taken a look at this recent update. Their blog post has a focus on the new Companion app and the re-worked Organization page. From the blog: This re-design features a tabbed interface, and the new tabs include:

  • Overview: showcases key information such as system health and licences used.
  • Members: provides filterable, searchable member lists.
  • Licences: place to manage licences.
  • Settings: where administrators view and edit organisation settings.

The following are just 10 of the many new updates/highlights in AGOL:

  1. More Smart Mapping and Visualization – Using new Relationship styles, you can explore and visualize two topics within a single map. These styles help you see if two attributes from your data might be related by using bivariate chloropleth mapping.
  2. Better Performance – When visualizing large numbers of features in a map, the size of the data delivered to your browser has been reduced, meaning they display much faster.
  3. Better 3D Scenes – You can now add feature layers with hundreds of thousands of points while maintaining high performance.
  4. More Education – New resources are available for both learning ArcGIS Online and teaching with ArcGIS Online.
  5. More Customization – ArcGIS Vector Tile Style Editor makes it easy for you to create custom styles for any of the Esri vector basemaps, and you can also use it on your own vector tile layers.
  6. Updates to Story Maps – Story Maps embedded in websites now display a toolbar that allows viewers to easily share the story with others, or open it in full-screen mode without leaving the current page
  7. Organization Page Update – The organization page has been redesigned to help you administer your organization, manage members, and access information quickly.  See The organization page has a new look for more
  8. Mobile Updates  – In addition to the mobile browser option (just use your URL), you can now access your organization using ArcGIS Companion, a new mobile app for iOS and Android
  9. Offline Maps – Map authors supporting offline field work can now create map areas from web maps.
  10. Feature Layer Templates – The feature layer template gallery now includes templates that allow you to build empty hosted feature layers and define the layer schema, rather than use predefined schemas.
    The redesigned Organization page is likely to get your attention. According to Esri’s Kelly Gerrow-Wilcox this is the first step in the redesign and new capabilities that users and admins will be treated to (see Kelly’s blog about it here). 

arcgis companionArcGIS Companion is a native mobile app for iOS and Android 

And there’s MUCH MORE! Read about the latest update to ArcGIS Online (June 2018) in Bern’s blog

Are you an Administrator in your organization or perhaps responsible for managing numerous user accounts? Be sure to have a look at the most recent update to Admin Tools at V 1.2. This latest release boasts many feature updates, fixes, and new functionality. Perhaps most noteworthy is the addition of a powerful, new thumbnail generator tool. Read more about Admin Tools V1.2 HERE or get started right away by grabbing Admin Tools (Free) from the Marketplace

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