Collector for ArcGIS Gets an Update – Collect & Update Data in the Field

We work with many clients from local government, utilities (gas, water, electric), Educational institutions, and other facilities who need to manage their assets. In addition to providing custom ArcGIS solutions, ArcGIS Enterprise, Server, and webmapping support we also have a number of folks who work with Collector for field data collection and asset management. Collector provides yet another crucial layer of information required for the enterprise solutions.

collector for ArcGIS

Recently (June, 2017) the Collector team announced some updates for the solution via an updated, minor release. These latest enhancements affect how users will work with high accuracy GPS receivers, manage attachments, work with basemaps. Some of the most recent enhancements to Collector include:

GPS Averaging –  can be used to improve the precision of your high-accuracy collection workflows. You can capture a number of positions and create a location from the average of those positions.

Rename Media Attachments –  now you can provide a meaningful name to the photos that you take around a feature. This is one of the most requested enhancements.

SD card support (Android) –  you can use the SD card to store and manage basemaps for easier, faster deployment of data.

Continuous Collect Improvements –  now supporting feature types that contain relationship classes.

Layer Refresh Support –  if your feature layers have a layer refresh interval set, Collector will honor the refresh setting.

For more information on Collector for ArcGIS see this blog post. You may also want to stay informed directly from teh product lead by following @jeffshaner on Twitter!

See also the Collector documentation website

Collector is a valuable field data collection tool that runs on all major mobile platforms (iOS, Android, Windows) that integrates with ArcGIS. With Collector you’ll be able to:

  • Collect and update data using the map or GPS.
  • Download maps to your device and work offline.
  • Collect points, lines, areas, and related data.
  • Fill out easy-to-use, map-driven forms.
  • Attach photos to your features.
  • Use professional-grade GPS receivers.
  • Search for places and features.
  • Track and report where you’ve been.

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