Coming Soon, New Features in the September 2017 ArcGIS Online Update

Are you an avid fan or user of ArcGIS Online? If so then you might be glad to know that some new functionality and updates are coming on September 20. Recall, most recently, the June 2017 update included enhancements to the user experience as well as improvements throughout the site. This latest update builds on this and more.

ArcGIS Online is the place to explore data, create maps, and share stories.

Coming with the September 2017 Update:

In a recent announcement, Esri has shared details of just a few of the updates and enhancements that are coming to AGO (note, these are subject to change):

Point Clustering – If your map has a layer with a large number of points, you will be able to configure clustering to make it easier to visually extract information from your data. When you enable clustering, Map Viewer will group point features that are within a certain distance into one symbol.

Vector Basemaps – The vector basemaps for North America, South America, and Europe will be updated with the latest commercial data. Detailed local data for many communities in the Unites States and Canada will also be added to Esri’s vector basemaps.

Locator View for Esri World Geocoding Service – The upcoming locator view enables the creation of a new view of Esri World Geocoding Service that streamlines search results for locations within an area of interest. Locator view will define search parameters based on types of locations such as addresses, postal codes, or places of interest.

Smart Mapping Styles for Scene Viewer – Point cloud scene layers are great for fast consumption and display of large amounts of 3D data in Scene Viewer. Historically these layers were configured in ArcGIS Pro and published in ArcGIS Online. In the upcoming release, point cloud layers can be stylized directly in Scene Viewer with Smart Mapping styles.

Story Map Journal Navigation – To improve operability and follow Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0, enhanced keyboard navigation will be added to Map Journal, an ArcGIS Online web app. Keys can be used to navigate through the sections and around all the interactive elements, like buttons and links, within the Map Journal.

Build a story, host it with ArcGIS Online
Build a story, host it with ArcGIS Online (Story Map Journal option)

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What is ArcGIS Online?

ArcGIS Online is an online, collaborative web GIS that allows you to use, create, and share maps, scenes, apps, layers, analytics, and data. You get access to Living Atlas of the Worldapps, and Esri’s secure cloud, where you can add items and publish web layers.  (Esri)

ArcGIS Online includes:

  • Apps that anyone can access
  • Ready to use maps from the Living Atlas
  • Visualize data in many ways and share it with others
  • Enhanced spatial analytics
  • Manage your content and users with Admin controls and tools
  • Add on, supported apps via the ArcGIS Marketplace
  • Templates to configure and deploy your apps
  • More!

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