Customize your Organization’s ArcGIS Online Experience with Mapfolio (free)

Customizing the view and the ArcGIS experience for users in your organization can be a little daunting, however, it doesn’t have to be. Mapfolio (V 2.0) makes it quick and easy for users of ArcGIS Online to share their data, groups, favorites, and more with others in their organization, all via a customized front end that looks just the way you want. Read on about how to make your Mapfolio instance public as a homepage for your ArcGIS Online organization.mapfolio

Configurable design for an organization’s ArcGIS Online home/landing page – Access Mapfolio in the ArcGIS Marketplace

With the latest update to Mapfolio you can easily  make your Mapfolio instance public as a homepage for your ArcGIS Online organization – this means Mapfolio can be used as the landing page of your organizational account! Imagine customizing what your users see and have access to and make the experience pleasant and simple for them. This is ideal for your non-GIS savvy users because, after all, you shouldn’t have to be a skilled pro in order to navigate your ArcGIS Online assets. Here’s how it works: Once configured, Mapfolio can filter your organization’s content by using the ArcGIS Online tagging system, giving your users a personalized landing page that they feel comfortable with. Users log in to ArcGIS Online through an easy to use application and have immediate access to their groups, web applications, and content anywhere, on any device.

Indeed there’s plenty of other reasons to consider using Mapfolio in your organization, here’s 10 things you can accomplish with Mapfolio:

  1. Bring groups and favorites to the front
  2. Brings in only web apps that are needed
  3. Skin Mapfolio to look exactly the way you want!
  4. Tag and view only the maps and apps that are needed and important to you.
  5. Filter content using tags
  6. Turn on/off profile pics
  7. Easly add items to your favorites
  8. Quickly add comments to items
  9. Customize position of user bio
  10. Use custom banners
  11. BONUS… Mapfolio is Free

Read more about Mapfolio or jump directly HERE in the ArcGIS Marketplace and download it for Free. When you realize just how simple and handy it is, please shoot us a screen capture (via email to info@ or on Twitter @geojobegis) and tell us how your organization has benefited from it!

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