Exploring Opportunities in the ArcGIS Marketplace – Apps, Data, & Content

Have you explored the ArcGIS Marketplace lately? Perhaps you’ve been too busy, or maybe you just forgot about it. There’s lots of changes to the resource lately, and I’m told there’s more changes to come (sorry, I could tell you, but…). Users of ArcGIS, ArcGIS Online, Pro, and other solutions will find plenty of add-ins, extras, data, and resources to do even more with. Best of all, there’s tons of free stuff there – and don’t we all love free?

marketplace opportunities
ArcGIS Marketplace (Image: Esri)

At latest count, there’s more than 100 apps, many free, some trials, and others are Pro (yup, that means pay up). There’s also add-ons that add functionality and capabilities to your existing solutions, and there’s also some fine, premium data products there.

There’s plenty of opportunity here for developers, too, because Esri wants you to develop on the platform and use the marketplace as your mechanism to reach customers. This means you have a system already in place where customers can discover your apps. They can provision it directly via ArcGIS Online login, and, if you come up with something really cool and awesome, Esri will assist you in marketing and word of mouth (WOM) – See the benefits at the bottom.

Exploring and using the marketplace is fast and simple.

  • Jump to https://marketplace.arcgis.com
  • Login using your ArcGIS Online username (get one through your org account or anyone can grab a free username)
  • Browse apps using the search, or even easier, browse by industry.
  • Click “Buy”, “Get it now”, or “Free trial” button
  • Provide customer info and accept terms
  • that’s it!

Still no idea what you want? The “Free” apps section has plenty of goodies – some of the Top, free apps include Admin Tools for ArGIS Online, MapLapse (create image time lapse from Landsat data), Mapfolio (organize your AGOL homepage), Snap2Map (create Story Maps quickly from mobile), and the Remote Geosystems video tagger. Still want more? Well, go search by industry next.


Are you thinking of creating the next awesome thing? ArcGIS Online professional organizations and those with developer accounts can author and deploy their app in the marketplace with relative ease. If you have an idea and can’t find anything for it in the MarketPlace, you can also contact the enterprise solutions team here  at GEO Jobe. We have a team of skilled developers with much experience, having published several apps in the Marketplace. We’ve also assisted and partnered with other developers to launch apps (eg. MapLapse, a partnership with GeoMarvel and Mapillary).

Benefits of the ArcGIS Marketplace:

  • Access to the global ArcGIS user community
  • Provide trials and get qualified leads
  • Leverage the e-commerce integration
  • Manage subscriptions and renewals
  • Take advantage of built-in marketing to the ArcGIS user community
  • 3 years of participation and perks and more!

For more information about the opportunities that exist with the ArcGIS Marketplace Contact us (connect at geo-jobe.com) or check out this Case Study – Esri Partners Working With Partners

Video – Empowering The Science of Where through Partnerships; Esri 360 Video, Esri Startup GeoMarvel & Esri Partner GEO Jobe (filmed at DevSummit, 2017). In this video Esri Partners, David Hansen of GEO Jobe  (@dhansen601) and Jon Nordling of GeoMarvel (@geomarvel) provide insight on the importance of partnership and applying GIS and The Science of Where to organizations around the world. GIS is about so much more than just building maps, it helps organizations save time, money, and make better business decision

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