Esri Workbook Helps Users Make the Switch to ArcGIS Pro

Recall, we recently touted some of the merits of ArcGIS Pro. We looked at 10 cool benefits and features that await users who make the switch. Building on that here’s details of a workbook from Esri Press that can help you get up and running a little faster while learning some great stuff along the way. Understanding GIS: An ArcGIS Pro Project Workbook, Third Edition, is an excellent resource for anyone wanting to map like a pro with Pro and would be a fine addition to the office library! Complete the 9 lessons, one a week, and in a couple of month’s you’ll be a Pro.

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About the Book

The textbook first outlines how to frame questions that need to be asked about the park that’s going to be built, the type of site needed, and the demographics of the people who would benefit from and use the park. Step-by-step instructions in nine lessons show readers how to use ArcGIS Pro to explore the project data, select the data for use in the analysis, build a database, edit data, conduct the analysis, build a model to automate the analysis, create a map to present the results of the analysis, and then share the results in a web map.

The book uses a real-world project with ArcGIS Pro!

The book gets the reader/user involved and focuses on a single project, incorporates real data, and uses the most up-to-date spatial analysis methods and technology. To find the most suitable location for a public park along the Los Angeles River, workbook readers will use ArcGIS Pro, an ArcGIS Desktop application with advanced 2D and 3D mapping capabilities such as advanced visualization and analytics tools. In addition, they will work with Esri ArcGIS OnlineEsri Story Maps, United States Census data, and data provided by the City of Los Angeles. The data can be downloaded from the book’s resource web page. The reader will get their hands dirty by conducting a real World scenario and planning, building a data model, conducting spatial analysis, and create an Esri Story Map Journal app.

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Where to get it?

Understanding GIS: An ArcGIS Pro Project Workbook is available in print (ISBN: 9781589484832, 362 pages, US$79.99) and as an e-book (ISBN: 9781589484955, 362 pages, US$79.99). The print and e-book editions of the book can be obtained from online retailers worldwide at

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