Just in Time for ESRIUC – ArcGIS Pro Gets an Update to R 2.2

At the 2018 ESRIUC, ESRI Founder Jack Dangermond, will take to the stage to deliver his annual plenary keynote and “state of Esri” address to thousands of users from around the world. Typically, this session involves a lengthy discussion and presentation of the future of GIS, along with Esri’s product strategy and roadmap. A focus of the event will no doubt be on ArcGIS Pro

Just in Time for ESRIUC - ArcGIS Pro Gets an Update to R 2.2

Just in time for UC, Esri has announced an update of “Pro” to version 2.2.

Did U Know… “Pro” is customizable, extensible, and, while it is a completely new application, supports easy migration of existing ArcGIS Desktop documents, data, and tools. We share some ArcGIS Pro migration tips, a look at what ArcGIS Pro is, and a list of 10 useful resources. If you already have an ArcGIS desktop license, you already have access to Pro! Users of ArcGIS Pro are treated to a number of new enhancements, fixes, and new functionality. Some of the highlights of Pro at 2.2 include:

  1. Full Motion Video (FMV) can play and analyze video data that is geospatially enabled. This allows the projection and display of the video frame footprint and sensor position on the map while the video plays.
  2. stream layer is a new layer type that displays real-time streaming data. It references a stream service as its data source.
  3. A new analysis tool, Slice is included among the other Interactive Analysis tools in the 3D Exploratory Analysis group on the Analysis tab.
  4. Save a copy of an item’s ArcGIS metadata as an HTML or XML file on disk.
  5. When you run ArcGIS Pro without signing in to your organization or a licensing portal, the maps in your basemap gallery will be vector basemaps. New maps and scenes will be created with vector basemaps.
  6. You can create a point feature layer and an associated point feature class directly from tabular data.
  7. You can now create a local or global scene directly when you create a scene.
  8. Pop-ups can be enabled on vector tile layers with an associated web feature layer or on tiles with feature-level identity.
  9. Pop-ups have an improved user experience for showing attribute information in a dockable pane.
  10. A new chart type, Data Clock, has been added as a way to visualize data change over time.


New data type in ArcGIS Pro - chart clock

The new data clock chart type

Source: Esri, What’s new in ArcGIS Pro 2.2

With Pro, users can accomplish many things including:

  • Migrate maps, scenes and globes to Pro projects
  • Deploy Pro configured for your needs
  • Create and share maps, scenes, and analyses
  • Customize Pro using the ArcGIS Pro SDK
  • Import your data into customizable templates
  • Use web services, live feeds, and 300+ supported data formats
  • Create maps that combine 2D and 3D GIS


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