GEO Tool Tips – Pair up Survey 123 with Spike from ikeGPS (Video)

Here at GEO Jobe, we love tools, after all, our Admin Tools for ArcGIS Online tools are a TOP product in the ArcGIS Marketplace used by thousands of GIS professionals and ArcGIS Admins all over the World. We are also big fans (and users) of mobile data collection tools and our UAV Services team spends loads of time in the field. You are no doubt familiar with our Tools but there’s also some more really cool tools out there that you or your colleagues working in the field may be able to take advantage of. Case in point, imagine the very cool Spike from IkeGPS paired up with a mobile app like Survey 123.

ikeGPS Limited is a technology company that designs and manufactures measurement solutions – smart laser-based field tools, mobile software apps and industry specific cloud software solutions for measuring, modeling and managing assets. One of their flagship products of interest is Spike, a smart laser measurement solution for all kinds of industries and professional use. Spike gives you the flexibility to measure when and how you want, whether in the field or at the office, using the Spike mobile app or cloud-based tools. Measurements and location are saved with the picture and can be easily shared as a JPG, PDF, Spike File (XML) and KMZ.

Professionals who perform mobile data capture and data collection who live in the ArcGIS or ArcGIS Online World are no doubt well familiar with Survey 123, Esri’s field data collection app used widely around the World. Recall, Survey123 for ArcGIS is a simple and intuitive form-centric data gathering solution that makes creating, sharing, and analyzing surveys possible. Using Survey 123, professionals can easily roundtrip their mobile data collection with ArcGIS Online and analyze their data within ArcGIS.

So, imagine pairing up these 2 fine resources! Yes indeed, that’s what Ismail Chivite of Esri has accomplished recently using the ikeGPS (Beta) for Survey 123.  In the video below he shares how Spike technology can work with Survey 123. Ismael runs Survey 123 and Spike, communication with each other over Bluetooth and performs several measurements with Spike, storing the data within Survey 123 where he then can add additional data and attributes. Pretty darned cool! Watch below to see how you can measure distances, areas, and more while being safe.

What tools are you using to help in your job or to increase your productivity? Please share with us @geojobegis

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