The Latest ArcGIS Online Update and 10 Awesome, New Features

According to Esri, ArcGIS Online continues to deliver faster and more extensive capabilities, apps focused on personalized solutions, and easier administration tools to strengthen collaboration. This is realized in the latest update to the ArcGIS Technology as of March 2017. We explore and share some of the noteworthy new features found in ArcGIS Online as of the March 2017 update to the service.

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ArcGIS Online is an integral part of the ArcGIS system, you can use it to extend the capabilities of ArcGIS Desktop, ArcGIS Enterprise, ArcGIS Web APIs, and ArcGIS Runtime SDKs.

10 Awesome, New features and functionality available to users in ArcGIS Online (as of March 2017):

  1. More Open Data – recent updates of  ArcGIS Open Data include the ability to create dynamic charts and dynamic statistics on your site pages (see more). See also tips in this blog on creating an opendata site
  2. More Smart Mapping – When viewing your point layer within the Map Viewer in ArcGIS Online or ArcGIS Enterprise, click Change Style to access the smart mapping options. Selecting Heat Map will transform your points into a heat map (see more)
  3. More Story Maps and self hosting – A reminder that Esri Story Maps are open source. This means you can download the code for any of the Story Map apps from GitHub. While the needs of most story map authors will be served using the versions of these apps that are hosted on ArcGIS Online (or Portal for ArcGIS), there are a few reasons to consider self-hosting (See more)
  4. More Landsat data via Landsat Explorer in ArcGIS Online – Use the app to both visualize our planet and understand how the Earth has changed over time. Now you can instantly analyze more than 500,000 Landsat 8 and GLS scenes, offering global coverage with over 500 new scenes added every day. (See more) Reminder, see also details of MapLapse for AGO!
  5. Crowdsource Reporter—used to collect citizen information on issues and events—users can reorder the details, attachments, and location sections of the submission form.
  6. Collector for ArcGIS is now better integrated with Navigator for ArcGIS and Workforce for ArcGIS. Fieldworkers with Android devices can use Workforce for ArcGIS on their mobile phones and tablets as well.
  7. More Data! – The World Imagery basemap has been updated with 2016 National Agriculture Imagery Program (NAIP) aerial imagery for several states in the United States, DigitalGlobe satellite imagery for numerous countries in Europe and Asia, and detailed imagery for many metropolitan areas around the world.
  8. Create More Personal Apps and Story Maps – ArcGIS Online administrators can now deploy a shared theme for configurable apps and ArcGIS Open Data sites created by members of their organization. Authors of Esri Story Map Journal, Story Map Series.
  9. Survey123 for ArcGIS users can now build surveys on top of existing hosted feature services, as well as log in from social media accounts, including Facebook and Google.
  10. Better Admin of Users – ArcGIS Online administrators can now more easily control the content a user can access. New privileges allow administrators to decide who should have view-only access to organization members, content shared within the organization, and groups shared with the organization and even Linked user Accounts – Reminder, Administrators can get even more functionality using Admin Tools for ArcGIS Online!

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