Live Maps (Beta) An ArcGIS Online Configurable App – How to Build A Live Twitter Map (Mariners Example)

As a user of ArcGIS Online, no doubt you may be familiar with configurable apps – a simple way to build and configure an app using pre-built templates (think no code). Using the  Live Maps (Beta) webapp, this simple sample web app/map pulls a Twitter feed of the hashtag #Mariners for a pre-defined area, and is displayed on a custom Seattle Mariners themed basemap that we created. The feed updates every 12 seconds (approx) and shares fan posts around the Seattle metro area. Simply put,  Live Maps is used to combine real-time social media feeds with your operational content.

Live Maps is a configurable app template that provides the ability to consume a live data feeds from a variety of sources. Examples of uses include: Provide a map that shows locations of health care facilities and the reported cases of the influenza; Present the locations of political campaign events with related tweets; or in this case, provide a real-time map showing baseball fan Tweets on a custom map.

Building your own Live Map is pretty simple. The following steps are from a test app we created to build a real-time “fan” map:

  1. Login to ArcGIS Online, under “My content” Create a new app

seattle mariners twitter map

2.  Create a new web app and select “Live Maps (Beta)

seattle mariners twitter map

3. Chose the option and click create web app

seattle mariners twitter map

4. Enter the parameters for app title, tags etc…

seattle mariners twitter map

5. Select an existing webmap from your content or search ArcGIS Online

seattle mariners twitter map

6. We selected an existing map created with a Seattle Mariner theme

seattle mariners twitter map

7. Set the search parameters – in this case we specify a Twitter feed

seattle mariners twitter map

8. Save and Publish the app

seattle mariners twitter map


9. Share your map with the public! To access the Live Twitter map click the image below or Go to the map HERE

How are you using configurable apps in ArcGIS Online? Please tell us about your apps via Twitter @geojobegis – we’d love to see what you’ve done!

A reminder. As you build more maps and apps and store data in ArcGIS Online you can create a custom front end for your users with our Mapfolio (free) for ArcGIS Online. Find it in the ArcGIS Marketplace.

Be sure to check out What’s new in ArcGIS Online with the latest updates (June 2017)

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