MapLapse Story Map – 20 Amazing Landsat Time Lapse Scenes Reveal Land Use Change

Recall, MapLapse was introduced to the ArcGIS Marketplace earlier in the year through a dev collaboration between GeoMarvel and GEO Jobe. Using the MapLapse application for ArcGIS Online (Free trial and Pro available) users can pan around the Globe to identify areas of land-use change visualized with imagery spanning several decades. Now there’s a very cool Story Map that shares some amazing scenes.

All images were created using MapLapse, a ArcGIS Marketplace application to discover land cover land use change. Images use are extracted from GLS datasets, which include some of the best worldwide imagery available, span multiple decades starting from 1975, and are multispectral (courtesy of the US Geological Survey). Enjoy the Story Map to view dramatic land use change in such places as Las Vegas, Nevada; Dubai; San Francisco CA; China and more.

More About MapLapse

MapLapse is an online based earth image explorer which allows you to look at geographical locations via a map. MapLaps has multiple search capabilities and works seamlessly with ArcGIS Online. The app allows the user to generate time series downloadable images, generate animations, save or share via social media. MapLapse provides a quick look through time series imagery for you. Using MapLapse now you can easily visualize change in any area with a few easy clicks. Simply choose an extent, choose a datasource, and hit go. MapLapse will quickly do all the work for you generating a gif you can either use in your ArcGIS Online organization, offline in a presentation, or embedded in a website.
MapLapse, can be used by many industries, for example but not limited to, urban planning and development, resource management, office of zoning, agricultural production, land cover, land use and change, ecology, restoration, local governments, education and research institutions.

Get your free trial of MapLapse for ArcGIS Online HERE

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