The ArcGIS Marketplace is Growing – Exploring New Apps and Opportunities.

Have you explored the ArcGIS Marketplace lately? Perhaps you’ve been too busy, or maybe you just forgot about it. With more than 100 applications there’s definitely something here for everyone. Select from a variety of applications created by leading Esri Business Partners, all conveniently organized by industry.

The ArcGIS Marketplace ( is essentially a one-stop online market where users of ArcGIS Online can extend their capabilities by adding apps, tools, and features to their business. For registered, named, ArcGIS Online account holders there’s a growing list of applications available, many for free, most offering trials, and all of them offering some great functionality.  Let us explore some of the recent additions to the MarketPlace.

Power Line Visualizer – With the Power Line Visualizer Add-In for ArcGIS Pro, a 3D visualization of the planned power lines is created. The visualization supports key persons and the public, by informing and presenting the planning project to them in a clear, transparent and easily understandable manner. Available free in the Marketplace (See also this demo video)

ParcelAtlas ArcGIS Tiles – ParcelAtlas ArcGIS© or PAAG© is a joint venture between Boundary Solutions Inc. (BSI), Teamar Augmented Reality and ParcelAtlas. It is designed to run seamlessly with Esri’s ArcGIS Online to give you access to just the parcel data you need. PAAG is like as having 2,000 county parcel map zip files, 120 million current parcel boundaries and linked attributes at your fingertips. Imagine having all this for your enterprise without having to lift a finger to deploy or keep this data current!

Waze Live Alerts (for Waze CCP members) – get real-time traffic conditions and updates in your apps. By signing up for CCP, you will get access to the Waze Live Alerts Layer which contains up to date information as reported by more than 100 Million monthly active users, who report issues in the Waze application and into your maps. See also more about the Waze Connected Citizen Program

Connected Citizens Program

FishViews for ArcGIS Online – Here’s a really cool app from an Esri emerging business partner company. FishViews are 360 panoramic virtual tours of rivers coasts and shores for your desktop or mobile device enabling science, conservation and recreation. Of note, if you’ve attended an Esri conference recently (Esriuc, GeoConX) you might have seen the company in the startup zone! For a great demo, be sure to hit their website and explore the FishViews Atlas

LineVision DesktopLineVision Desktop is a stand-alone desktop software that leverages Esri GIS technology to map, analyze and package geospatial full motion video (FMV), photos, annotations, documents, local SHP files, and raster imagery as well as ArcGIS Server & ArcGIS Online streaming data. LineVision Desktop can play up to 4 simultaneously collected geospatial video files, enhancing the capabilities and value of modern multi-sensor gimbal cameras and mobile mapping systems. Learn more here

What3words Locator – The ArcGIS what3words locator is a plugin that allows users to search for 3 word addresses and display them. It supports all of the languages what3words is available in and will be updated as more languages are released.  With this plugin, users can Add 3-word addresses to ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS desktop. See

Oh, and we would be remiss if we didn’t point out that Admin Tools for ArcGIS was recently updated to version 1.3.  Admin Tools is available in the marketplace in Free or Pro options (contact us directly about Admin Tools for Portal).

Still no idea what you want?

The “Free” apps section has plenty of goodies – some of the Top, free apps include Admin Tools for ArGIS Online, MapLapse (create image time lapse from Landsat data), Mapfolio (organize your AGOL homepage), Geosystems Monitor (monitor your web apps and services), and the Remote Geosystems video tagger. Want more? Try searching the catalog by Industry.

Exploring and using the marketplace is fast and simple.

  • Jump to
  • Log in using your ArcGIS Online username (get one through your org account or anyone can grab a free username)
  • Browse apps using the search, or even easier, browse by industry.
  • Click “Buy”, “Get it now”, or “Free trial” button
  • Provide customer info and accept terms
  • that’s it!

Benefits of the ArcGIS Marketplace:

  • Access to the global ArcGIS user community
  • Provide trials and get qualified leads
  • Leverage the e-commerce integration
  • Manage subscriptions and renewals
  • Take advantage of built-in marketing to the ArcGIS user community

For more information about the opportunities that exist with the ArcGIS Marketplace Contact us (connect at or check out this Case Study – Esri Partners Working With Partners

Video – Empowering The Science of Where through Partnerships –  Esri 360 Video, Esri Startup GeoMarvel & Esri Partner GEO Jobe (filmed at DevSummit, 2017). In this video Esri Partners, David Hansen of GEO Jobe  (@dhansen601) and Jon Nordling of GeoMarvel (@geomarvel) provide insight on the importance of partnership and applying GIS and The Science of Where to organizations around the world.

GEO Jobe would love to help you get your next app to market! Contact our team of experts.

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