New Features in ArcGIS Online and New Things You Can Try!

Recall that Esri closed out 2017 with a substantial update to ArcGIS Online. In addition to loads of new features in AGOL, users were treated to improvements to Community Analyst, an update to Business Analyst Web App, fixes to ArcGIS Hub, a big update to Operations Dashboard and much more.  Starting a new year with a fresh start and new tools at your disposal is always exciting. Here we provide a reminder of some of the new functionality in ArcGIS Online and share tips of new things you can do (via Esri).

arcgis hub

This from Esri’s Bern Szukalski… “This release includes a more flexible user experience for managing and discovering content, Insights for ArcGIS, administrative enhancements, and other improvements throughout the site.”

New Things you can try in ArcGIS Online

There’s much more you can do with AGOL including working with 3D, create amazing maps and apps, perform analysis, manage your content and more. A great place to start is the official online help resource and community

point clustering
point clustering

See More (Source: Esri ArcGIS blog)

Recent enhancements to ArcGIS Online

  • Do more with ArcGIS Online from your mobile device. Open layers in Map Viewer using the new open link on the layer’s item page. Sign in with your enterprise or social network credentials and get help with your password and user name.
  • Administrators can now make web apps available to organization members by adding apps to the app launcher.
  • A new online version of Insights is available for ArcGIS Online. For more information, see the Insights for ArcGIS help & see the Insights for ArcGIS website
  • You can now update the URL of layers in your map from HTTP to HTTPS, or from a staging version of the layers to a production version of the layers. This is done through the map’s item page.
  • A new firefly symbol set is available. A firefly point symbol is a dot with a colorized glow effect, useful for creating dramatic thematic maps. For more information about FireFly symbology, check out this article from John Nelson (the creator) as he shares how to hurricane map – an impresive lesson!
  • You can now measure distances in 3D between two points in Scene Viewer
  • place custom 3D symbols in your scenes with Scene Viewer.
  • You can now access CSV and Microsoft Excel files stored in Google Drive, Microsoft One Drive, and Dropbox and publish them as hosted feature layers.
  • You can now define an area of interest for hosted feature layer views to limit access to features to a particular area.
  • Collector has updated since the last ArcGIS Online release, of interest, Trimble Catalyst (our UAV Services have been using this solution) is supported on Android, allowing you to use Trimble’s new subscription-based software GNSS receiver capable of collecting data at centimeter accuracy.
  • World Imagery basemap has been updated with additional sets of DigitalGlobe imagery for several countries
  • ArcGIS Hub has recently been updated – Site and Page improvements include new cards that enable you to quickly and easily configure and customize your sites.
  • You can also publish Google Sheets from Google Drive.
Insights for ArcGIS Online
Insights for ArcGIS Online

See more about the Dec update to AGOL

Note, late in 2017 we rolled out an update to the popular Admin Tools for ArcGIS Online. There’s a number of new tools and features awaiting you, including: tools to manage user favorites, the ability to update item map extents, enable / disable webmap popups and much more! See more about Admin Tools 1.0.14

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admin tools portal

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