What’s New in ArcGIS Technology – Fall 2017 Updates to Collector, Vector Basemaps and more

There’s plenty of new additions to Esri software and data services this fall. Users now have access to a number of new features in Collector, most notably, the added integration of Collector for Android OS with Trimble Cadalyst. Read on for recent updates to Collector, Esri Basemaps, Vector Basemaps and more.

What’s new in Collector

Many users will be pleased that Collector has been updated with support for Android OS. The Android release includes the following key features introduced late in September on the iOS and Windows platforms:

  • New 95 percent confidence interval setting
  • Managed App Configuration with ArcGIS Enterprise
  • Passing collection information through the URL scheme
  • Tip –  This blog shows the user how to use templates and, in five minutes, be out in the field with your own data in the Collector app.

Most noteworthy though, this latest update includes the integration and support for High accuracy GNSS capture on demand with Trimble Catalyst! This new product from Trimble features a subscription-based software GNSS receiver that is capable of streaming centimeter accuracy to Collector when you need it. So, what’s next? The Collector team is now heading full steam into the development of the next big evolution for Collector – the Aurora Project.

Trimble Cadalyst on android

Image:  The GEO Jobe UAV crew was testing out some Trimble Geospatial Inc. Catalyst #GNSS technology for integration with UAV flights – Catalyst features a lightweight antenna that plugs directly into your Android phone or tablet’s USB port and is a nice complement to Collector.

What’s new in GeoPlanner

Some of the recent updates include the following functionality: You can now use a Calculate tool to update attributes of multiple features. Start a GeoPlanner project from any template and add, delete and change the symbols available in that project. Now that you can fully customize your design types or symbols in a project, you’ll create amazing GeoPlanner templates that match the needs of your planning industry or domain. The new Update Project Defaults tool in the Collaborate menu also allows you to share the current state of your web map with your project team. You can try GeoPlanner for free. Follow these instructions

New in Vector Basemaps

Vector Basemaps are hot and always of interest. Want to make cool looking maps? Try Nova , a brand new vector basemap map style where colors and fonts are reminiscent of something you’d expect to see in the latest Sci-Fi movie, as if you were viewing the map on a heads-up display. To stay up-to-date on all the vector basemap news, bookmark this link.

What’s new in Basemaps?

In a fun story map journal style article, Esri has shared a number of updates to Basemaps. Some clever, new additions are now available including the World Antique basemap, World Mid-Century map, and the pretty awesome World Newspaper map (see image below)

world newspaper map

Bathymetric Updates in World Data

For those in search of more data, look no further than the World Bathymetric Data set – Esri’s World Elevation – TopoBathy Layer .  In this release, the global bathymetry source in TopoBathy layers is updated with General Bathymetric Chart of the Oceans (GEBCO) 2014 grid at 30 arc second (approx. 928 meters) pixel spacing, which adds many improvements over the GEBCO 2008 version.  Additionally, NOAA’s Southern California Coastal Relief Model (CRM) is added to the TopoBathy service, which provides detailed bathymetry at 1 arc seconds (approx. 30 meters) and 3 arc seconds (approx. 90 meters) resolutions bringing about 10-30 times more detail to the Southern California coast. There’s much more as well so be sure to check out this impressive data! Note, World elevation layers are available free of cost to every ArcGIS Organizational account user.

Updates are too plentiful to list here but you can stay informed by following @arcgisonline & @esri on Twitter and the Esri blogs.

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