Interactive Dashboard App, Developed by Esri, Visualizes Manufacturing Trade Flow of U.S. States

The Operations Dashboard is a fabulous way to share data and convey a lot of information. Case in point, an impressive web app developed by Esri for the National Association of Manufacturers.  

Interactive tool visualizes importance of NAFTA for U.S. States

The US National Association of Manufacturers recently announced a new NAFTA-focused web application. The tool is intended to help underscore the importance of extensive NAFTA relationships for manufacturers of all sizes and sectors, across the United States. Source:

Launch the Interactive Map HERE

More About the Application

This interactive tool, developed by Esri using a series of detailed state fact sheets released by the NAM on May 4, helps to underscore the importance of extensive NAFTA relationships for manufacturers of all sizes and sectors across the United States.

The tool allows manufacturers, workers, policymakers, and other individuals to view historical trade flows of manufactured goods across NAFTA countries, including by individual state, groups of states, by year of imports and exports and compared to global trade flows. In the near future, the web app will be expanded to include historical, interactive NAFTA import and export data, at the state level and by product category.

About Operations Dashboard

Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS is a configurable web app that provides location-aware data visualization and analytics for a real-time operational view of people, services, assets, and events.  Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS enables you to easily create dashboards that enable you to present your data in a single screen for at-a-glance decision making, without writing any code.

Operations Dashboard also provides a common interface to monitor progress and identify vulnerabilities that could compromise the success of an organization’s mission. Now, dashboards can be authored completely in a web browser; there is no need to download and install an app anymore. Users can launch Operations Dashboard by using their ArcGIS organizational account. They can also browse and manage dashboards within their ArcGIS organizational content or on the dashboard home page.

operations dashboard examples

Arcorama has shared a number of operations dashboard example apps

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