Survey123 Update – Some things you may not know about Survey123 and New Features at R 2.5

Capture data anytime, anywhere with the Survey123 for ArcGIS app. It works on your smartphone, laptop, or desktop as a native app and also in your browser. With Survey 123 users can design Surveys that speed the collection process with predefined questions that use logic and provide easy-to-fill answers, embedded audio and images, and offer multiple languages.


What is Survey123?

Instead of being mapcentric, Survey123 works with forms (or surveys), which are frequently used to collect information for many different disciplines. Surveys—from simple to sophisticated—are authored with Survey123 and then shared in ArcGIS. Using the Survey123 mobile app, teams in the field can capture survey results with their smartphones and tablets. Surveys can also be completed and submitted in a web browser.

Some things you may not know about Survey123:

  • Survey123 field app is also available on Windows 7,8.1,10 as well as Mac OS X and Ubunutu Linux
  • The Survey123 field app is designed to work offline by default
  • Survey123 also supports public surveys where no ArcGIS account is required to capture data (even if offline)
  • Survey123 can also be launched right from the popup of a feature in Collector and Explorer for ArcGIS
  • data captured through the Survey123 field app gets stored in ArcGIS Feature Services


Recently, Survey 123 received an update taking it to Release 2.5. Users can take advantage of the following new functionality:

  • Survey123 web designer does a lot for you under the covers including automatically building a fully functional ArcGIS feature service where data from your survey will get persisted.There is now an option in the Publish Survey dialog that lets you modify the schema of your survey’s feature service.
  • Starting with this release, the Delete Survey dialog in the Survey123 website includes a handy option that will let you optionally preserve all data you captured. If you choose to delete all collected data, your survey will be removed along with its feature service.
  • A new refresh button lets you more easily update the map and table to get the latest data from your survey
  • You can now more easily drag the table view over the map to split the screen in between the two views.
  • Click on photos in the Individual Response reports to open a detailed view which will let you also see EXIF metadata
  • Through a new survey-level setting in Survey123 Connect for ArcGIS you can now disable the Sent box in the Survey123 field app.
  • The Create New Survey dialog in Survey123 Connect for ArcGIS includes many functional XLSForms in the Community and Samples categories.
  • and more!

You can read more about functionality available to users of Survey123 R2.5 in this blog from Esri

See more info at

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Survey123 will help you work smarter with ArcGIS Online. Esri has also published a fine set of tutorial videos to help you with Survey123 for ArcGIS (water survey example). Users who are also charged with the administration and management of a team of users in ArcGIS Online are also encouraged to take advantage of the free Admin Tools solution from the ArcGIS Marketplace
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