Tips and Support for Switching Users to ArcGIS Pro

Migrating or making the switch to Pro doesn’t need to be scary or intimidating, although it does seem that users have been somewhat slow or apprehensive to make the switch. There are a number of resources to help you make the switch to Pro in your organization – A good place to start, once logged into your account is at My Esri. Note, be sure to also bookmart the Learn ArcGIS Resource!

Draw quantities within polygon features with the new dot density symbology method
Draw quantities within polygon features with the new dot density symbology method

Esri folks do indicate that pretty much everything you are used to as well as most of your existing projects and tools should be readily usable from Pro (expect about 95% of what you have created to come into Pro without any pain). After hearing from some users it seems that a number of orgs are also adopting a side-by-side approach of continuing with ArcMap in some capacity while easing into using Pro.

Users have access to ArcGIS Pro via the same organizational desktop license that they’ve always had. Pro is not really a new product, rather, it is new technology along with a new look and feel, new UI, and new capabilities. With Pro, users can take advantage of some cool new functionality including: working with multiple layouts, faster tools, side-by-side 2D and 3D visualization, and much more.

Some notable things about ArcGIS Pro to encourage a switch:

  • Pro gets automatically installed and is accessible to your org (see your license Admin)
  • License is handled through ArcGIS Administrator
  • Think of projects and .aprx files rather than map documents (.mxd)
  • Project files can contain multiple maps, scenes (3D) and layouts
  • Esri made it easy to migrate and import maps from mxd.
  • New look ribbon-based user interface
  • Display 3D cartography using multiple variables in 3D (cool)
  • Pro can work in offline mode
  • New tasks, record workflows, like a macro, they can be automated, receive user input etc…
  • Compare 2D and 3D scenes
  • With Pro you can create apps for data analysis… much more than just a story map!
  • How to get it? Purchase desktop, or perpetual (no expiration), term or subscription, or ELA
  • Convert one concurrent user with 3 named users

Useful weblinks to assist with the migration:

Once you have Pro up and running, be sure to consult the Esri blogs regularly where you can learn some cool things like, how to make a beautiful map with ArcGIS Pro!

Did you know, If you don’t have ArcGIS Pro, you can sign up for an ArcGIS Pro free trial.

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