How to Video – Visualize Land Use Change with MapLapse for ArcGIS Online

Have you ever needed to see change over time? This demo video shows how you can get MapLapse via the ArcGIS marketplace, followed by a short demo. MapLaps has multiple search capabilities and works seamlessly with ArcGIS Online. The app allows the user to generate time series downloadable images, generate animations, save or share via social media.

Using MapLapse now you can easily visualize change in any area with a few easy clicks. Simply choose an extent, choose a datasource, and hit go. MapLapse will quickly do all the work for you generating a GIF you can either use in your ArcGIS Online organization, offline in a presentation, or embedded in a website. MapLapse, can be used by many industries, for example but not limited to, urban planning and development, resource management, office of zoning, agricultural production, land cover, land use and change, ecology, restoration, local governments, education and research institutions.

Note: The professional version of MapLapse has enhanced capabilities and functionality including the ability to: save, generate GIFs, restore images, add additional data products and more. MapLapse Pro  is available in the ArcGIS Marketplace

Sample MapLapse time series image - Dubai
Sample MapLapse time series image – Dubai

More info about Maplapse is available at  Follow us on Twitter & Instagram @geojobegis. See also @geomarvel to stay informed about future updates to Maplapse.

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