Taking a Trip. Destination: Value Town

That’s right, today we are looking into that all-too-familiar question we all ask when we are shopping: “Am I getting the best bang for my buck?”

First Stop — Admin Tools

Let’s start by looking at where we can find the value using GEO Jobe’s ArcGIS product solutions. Admin Tools gets most of its attention because of its all-powerful Cloning Workflow which allows Administrators the ability to migrate their items between their ArcGIS organizations. We often get asked, what other value does the software offer?

Admin Tools real value lies in the bulk functionality of standard ArcGIS functions. While this may not seem as obvious, let’s position a situation where you are asking yourself if you want to go through and apply Delete Protection to 30 new items that your organization recently created.

How much time does it take to open each item individually, navigate to the item, then apply delete protection? Then to repeat this process another 29 times would be time-consuming. To save time and energy, you use the Admin Tools Delete Protection tool to filter down to those thirty items, select them all, and with one click apply delete protection to every item.

The simplicity in our tools is the true value of Admin Tools. We make performing mass operations simple and take a few minutes instead of hours so that your time is freed up to do the other tasks you need to accomplish. My favorite catchphrase is “Admin Tools frees up your time so you can spend it creating important content instead of managing it.

Next stop — Clean My Org

When we released this product last March, we had a major hit on our hands. GEO Jobe had implemented another awesome solution to look into your ArcGIS content in a way that you couldn’t use the standard ArcGIS interface; and with over 30 scan settings at launch (and many more over recent updates), you could locate all the problematic items, users, and group issues in your Organization. The value in Clean My Org is being proactive in resolving your organization’s issues.

Instead of waiting to have a customer or client point out that a feature service didn’t load for a web map, it can be caught weeks earlier and have the content owner repair it. Recently, I personally had an issue where a web mapping application was causing errors loading and ArcGIS pointed out that a feature service was failing to load, but it did not show up to let me manually remove it. Fortunately, I have access to Clean My Org to scan for the item, then I used the ‘Clean’ action to remove any reference to that feature service.

Let’s look at some other powerful options that Clean My Org can help you with Duplicate and unused content. With large or mature environments, there is a great chance that someone has duplicated work in your environment. There is no shame in the duplication, but it does start to bog down your ArcGIS when you are dealing with storage. The same goes for unused content.

What a better way to start spring cleaning than to run a report to find items no one has accessed in over a year? Saving the headache of navigating through thousands of items looking for feature services or web maps for your organization, when you can reduce it down to a few function hundred instead.

Did I mention that you can also schedule these scans? Yeah, talk about being efficient! Set it and forget it. I know you’ve heard that phrase before, but it could not be more true with Clean My Org. Schedule those custom scans to perform weekly or monthly health checks on the same items scans you already cleaned up to ensure that your organization is staying on top of any issues that could arise in your organization. This could also help identify people who seem to create issues every month and let you work to reduce these problems by correcting where they are stemming from. Let Clean My Org remove the stress and worry by doing the work for you.

The Future

Where we are going, we don’t need roads. While we will not be needing roads, I would strongly suggest looking out for our road ahead. GEO Jobe is on the cusp of releasing our latest ArcGIS product solution: Backup My Org.

First, we have shown you the power of using Admin Tools to better manage and migrate your content, then we went deep into Clean My Org to see how you can fix and clean up issues and problematic content, and now we start to discuss being able to protect your content.

Backup My Org gives away a lot with its name, but that’s good. We are talking about trying to see the value of our products after all. Without giving away too much before the product is fully launched, let’s just say being able to create custom backups of your ArcGIS content from any ArcGIS environment has been on top of many Administrators lists of features for years. Now it’s becoming a reality. We’re going a step further by also allowing you the ability to perform custom restoration as well. Long gone are the days of wiping out work you’ve done just to restore something, now you can choose to only restore specific items from within a backup.  I would like to say that’s finger-licking good.

GEO Jobe has positioned itself as the ArcGIS administrator’s friendly neighbor for years. Whether bringing features or tools to customers that have been asking for them or creating brand new tools that have changed the way we manage our ArcGIS content, you can bet that we are ensuring that there is exceptional value in our products.

Anyone looking to step aboard the value train, reach out to the sales team at GEO Jobe to schedule a demo of Admin Tools or Clean My Org today so that you too can see what every one of our 7000+ customers is already seeing! You can reach out to sales@geo-jobe.com or info@geo-jobe.com.

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