What’s New In Clean My Org Version 1.2

Our newest member in our family of products is seeing another update! Clean My Org has become very popular with our community of users. In response, we’ve received lots of feedback on how to make this solution for decluttering your ArcGIS Organization even better. Our roadmap of new features continues with version 1.2. Here’s what our users of Clean My Org will be seeing in this new update:

NEW – Item Monitoring Scans

Empty Gallery Items
This scan option will look for gallery web applications and check to see if the group it is displaying has any content.

Items that are missing delete protection
Are you concerned that you might have content that’s just one click away from being gone forever? Now you can rest easy knowing that this scenario is covered with scanning for delete protection!

Items that have content as Authoritative/Deprecated/Neither
This scan option will report on all items that have either the Authoritative or Deprecated content flag, as well as the option to make sure you don’t have items in your org that have not been designated as either, yet.

NEW – Duplicate Item Scans

Items with duplicate title, tags and type
Your war against managing duplicate content scattered across your organization just got even easier! This scan will specifically look for items that have their collective title, tags, and type all the same.

Web Maps with identical layers
This scan option will search all web maps, look at all their operational and basemap layers, and look for identical layers being used.

Services with identical layers
This scan option will search all services and compare layers to see if there are any other services that contain the same layer names.

NEW – Duplicate Group Issue Scans

Groups with duplicate Gallery Apps
This scan will look for any gallery applications that are shared to multiple groups.

In addition to these new scans, we also included various improvements and fixes to the overall experience of Clean My Org:

Client Improvements

  • Bulk delete for your list of scheduled and on-demand scan results history
  • The ability to select all scan results
  • New tooltip summaries of each scan in scan settings
  • Now, the delete resolution action will ask to move users content before deletion


  • Log rotation crash during scans
  • On Demand Portal selection remembers last used
  • Improvements to app types for “Web maps that are not used by any application” scan
  • Issue with bulk whitelist on certain types
  • Resolved Internet Explorer issues

As always, we welcome feedback from our users, and strive to provide you with the best solutions for your ArcGIS Platform. If you have any feedback, questions, or requests for Clean My Org, or any of our other solutions, please feel free to reach out to us at connect@geo-jobe.com.

Head of Customer Support