Learn About the GEOPowered Cloud at EPC – An Enterprise GIS Deployment Platform

While you’ve hopefully heard about our GEOPowered Cloud before, we wanted to step back and provide some perspective on the vision behind this offering. Additionally, a reminder that Esri business partners, startup companies, and other “enterprise scale” ArcGIS customers (utilities, local government etc…) we hope you take the opportunity to learn more about the GEOPowered Cloud at the ESRI Business Partner Conference this month. You can find us to learn more in the expo hall booth #113.

Vision of The GEOPowered Cloud - An Enterprise GIS Deployment Platform

While all clients can benefit from enterprise GIS capabilities, we’ve identified certain bottlenecks (cost, infrastructure, knowledge) that act as barriers to implementation and thus barriers to our mission. To overcome these challenges, we’ve created our GEOPowered Cloud – A platform offering shared and dedicated hosting supporting ArcGIS Online, ArcGIS Enterprise and Esri partner solutions. The following deployment options are of interest:

ArcGIS Online

To date, the hybrid approach to ArcGIS Online is still the most popular implementation pattern as it provides clients with the best of Esri’s enterprise products (ArcGIS Online & ArcGIS Enterprise). We find this implementation pattern especially valuable for enhanced GIS data integration, advanced map production, seamless data flow between ArcGIS Desktop and Web GIS users, etc. The problem is that for smaller clients, the cost associated with buying ArcGIS Online, ArcGIS Enterprise, infrastructure and implementation services tends to take these benefits out of reach. To address this, our GEOPowered Cloud – Shared Hosting subscriptions provide ArcGIS Enterprise capabilities (paired with your ArcGIS Online subscription) for a fraction of the cost. Think “The hybrid approach to ArcGIS Online via a SaaS model” – all priced by the number of users.

ArcGIS Enterprise

While shared hosting is great for certain clients, there are an equal number of organizations that have full access to ArcGIS Enterprise through Esri license agreements (ELAs, etc.). For these clients, cost is not the barrier, rather enterprise infrastructure and/or knowledge. To meet the needs of these clients, our cloud needs to adapt and we’ve done just that. Our GEOPowered Cloud – Dedicated Hosting subscriptions are designed to provide clients with a deployment platform for their dedicated ArcGIS Enterprise system. Whether paired with ArcGIS Online or fully configured with Portal for ArcGIS, our dedicated hosting subscriptions will adapt to your architectural needs. You’re guaranteed the full power of ArcGIS Enterprise with a lower implementation cost and less ongoing responsibility.

Esri Partner Solutions

As clients implement and start using enterprise GIS capabilities, it’s natural that they’ll want to extend the ArcGIS platform with great third-party solutions offered by members of the Esri Partner Network. This brings the best of both worlds together and we want to enable that. As a result, we’re excited to announce support for hosting and integration with third-party solutions offered by Esri business partners. While the implementation details will vary by product, we accommodate dedicated hosting and/or integration with shared or dedicated ArcGIS Enterprise resources. This is especially valuable for partners targeting accounts that fall into either the shared or dedicated hosting categories above.

For more information about the GEOPowered Cloud and how your organization can benefit, CLICK HERE. We’re glad to discuss options with you!

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