3D Campus Models and Digital Orthophoto Updates, a Must for Facility Managers & Planners

Managers, planners, developers, and security contractors at colleges and universities all over the country are turning to GIS and UAV data collection technology to assist in enabling situational awareness and providing an accurate digital base. Planning and managing a college campus, airport, even a tourist resort is very similar to managing the assets of a small town or city, albeit on a relatively smaller scale. No wonder these managers are turning to UAV data collection in droves.

middle tennessee state ortho photo

UAV flown, digital orthophoto update, Middle Tennessee State Campus

In addition to providing cutting-edge GIS mapping, custom ArcGIS implementations, webmapping, and cloud hosted solutions, GEO Jobe is providing orthophotography and planimetric mapping products including small area rectified mosaics, digital surface models (DSM), digital terrain models (DTM), and 3D models, as well as UAV data hosting & image services (Examples can be found here).

Recently, the team produced an impressive 3D model as part of an aerial mapping and facilities inspection for the Meharry Medical College in Nashville, Tennessee. Using high resolution data captured via a low altitude UAV aerial fly-over, the team has been able to put together photo realistic, 3D models for very large project areas (hundreds of acres in size), and this case was no exception. Enjoy the short video that guides you around the campus facilities – a fine example of the kind of product you can expect from our facilities mapping services.

UAV-flown digital data products can be used to produce digital GIS data layers including DEM, DSM, contour, and ortho images (several examples are shared below). Most recently, GEO Jobe UAV produced a 560+ acre digital ortho image update for Middle Tennessee State College (see above) – another example of a product that is a typical deliverable from a facilities mapping project. It seems college campus planning, construction projects, and airport facilities are popular areas for these products and workflows, with many clients from these sectors recently turning to GEO Jobe for their UAV mapping needs.

“College, university, and even medical campus facilities are the ideal “pet” project or poster child of how GIS is integral in planning and managing a facility. A campus is made up of infrastructure that ranges from buildings, equipment, parking, underground assets, trees, transportation systems, security and much more.” Jeff Lawrence (@jalaw3), Business Development, GEO Jobe UAV Services.

3D Model delivery for University School of Nashville

3D Model delivery for University School of Nashville

geo jobe UAV services, Tennessee

Updating orthophotos (.5 in. resolution!)  for areas experiencing rapid development. Unlike the traditional one-time ortho project approach, GEO Jobe UAV services can provide a “program” for orthophoto updates.

geo jobe UAV services, Tennessee

Detailed contour maps

geo jobe UAV services, Tennessee

High res. 3D model, Murfreesboro Tennessee

campus sports facilities

3D model of campus sports facilities are ideal for campus planning, public input, planning, and marketing

UAV mapping and UAV data collection for GIS analysis is indeed a booming industry. Many local organizations, government, and facilities value the ability to quickly focus on areas of concern (and development). We can provide pricing and cost estimates based on a per acre calculation, something that is very attractive for the budget-conscious or for those agencies that are in need of data updates for communities and sites that are experiencing change and rapid development.

Check out our UAV services section, and be sure to contact us directly for project questions and pricing for your UAV data collection projects. Find GEO UAV Services on Facebook and Twitter/Instagram @geojobeuav

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