Flying High – UAV and Aerial Mapping Group Captures Over 72,000 photos, Maps 1,200+ Miles!

The UAV Services Group here at GEO Jobe has been pretty active the past year. Yes, indeed! To put into perspective just how much aerial mapping and data collection they’ve done, imagine this: if you stretched the area covered from all the photos captured into one big job, they would have mapped a straight corridor that extends about 1200 miles!

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That means they could have flown from Nashville, TN to Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada! Or perhaps from Denver, CO to Seattle, WA, or the entire stretch of I-5 from Seattle, WA to Los Angeles, CA – yes, that’s a lot of mapping! The actual flying of more than 600 missions for client projects has taken the crew to 8 States, and, while on the job, the UAVs have been in the air logging flight time and collecting data for over 110 hours. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The real magic starts when they get back to the office – downloading, crunching, analyzing, and processing Terabytes of data – we are fortunate to have an awesome in-house team of developers and GIS professionals!

GEO Jobe UAV activity:

  • 662 Flights
  • 72,666 photos
  • 122.5 hours in the air
  • 1,206 miles traveled
  • Countless GBs of data processed and analyzed!

UAV product deliverables and uses of these data include:

  • Orthophoto mosaics less than 1in pixel resolution
  • Digital Surface Models (DSM)
  • TIN models
  • 1ft Contours
  • 3D point clouds
  • 3D textured mesh
  • Image caching & services hosting

We’ve turned to cutting edge hardware and software solutions to take to the sky and support some of our existing clients (and new ones) with imagery & analysis derived from UAV (drone) data acquisition. This enables clients from many sectors to see the big picture and have greater situational awareness. The team has been supporting projects for clients in a wide range of industries including facilities management (college campus, airports, and other asset inspections), state & local governments, construction and engineering, utilities, and a wide range of commercial customers.

A number of examples & results from recent projects have been shared HERE, giving you an idea of what we can accomplish for your organization – likely at costs much less than you would imagine.

Sample from Facilities Mapping Project

The GEO Jobe sUAS crew consists of three FAA licensed sUAS remote pilots in command with four drones (UAVs) – both multi-rotor & fixed wing platforms. Our pilots are experienced in UAV and mobile data collection techniques essential to orthophotography updates, corridor mapping, asset inventory, facilities management, terrain modeling, 3D building design models, and more. GEO Jobe is prepared to support your mapping projects and add you to our growing list of clients using the latest in UAV technologies.

For regular updates about our efforts, you can follow us on Instagram/Twitter @geojobeuav and Connect with Jeff Lawrence (UAV Biz Dev) @jalaw3 – See GEO Jobe UAV on LinkedIn

Call for more information about GEO Jobe UAV Mapping Services: 1.844.GEO.Jobe or Request UAV Service Information

Drones Providing Situational Awareness – More UAV and Aerial Mapping Success Stories

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