GIS Mapping Services are on the Cutting Edge with UAV Collected Imagery

Our GIS mapping services division of the company has been quite active with UAV technology over the last year. We’ve turned to cutting edge hardware and software solutions to take to the sky and support some of our existing clients (and new ones) with imagery & analysis derived from UAV (drone) data acquisition.

Using a variety of hardware and software (image analysis, data processing, and mapping), GEO Jobe has been providing GIS and mapping related services and expertise for almost 20 years. Our continued expansion of personnel and equipment to support these service offerings have enabled us to expand greatly on the work that we provide for clients from government, utilities, facilities, education, and other industries such as engineering and construction. An area that we have put significant effort into research, training, and hands on experience has been UAV / sUAS.

Some of the interesting projects that UAV technology has enabled us to take on are shared in the following examples:

utilities mapping

Utilities corridor, ROW mapping with contours, DSM, DTM

Facilities mapping of sports fields


Stockpile analysis and volume calculations

Residential construction, ortho production, DSM, DTM, 1 foot contours

DTM production + 1 foot contours

Orthophotos + construction project progress tracking

The GEO Jobe crew currently has three FAA licensed UAV remote pilots experienced in UAV and mobile data collection techniques for orthophotography updating, corridor mapping, asset inventory, terrain modeling, 3D building design models and more. We’re  prepared to support your mapping projects with a fleet of 4 drones using the latest UAV technologies. If we can help your organization or support your GIS and mapping projects with UAV expertise please feel free to contacts us here with a comment (below), reach out via tweet (we have a dedicated UAV topic account @geojobeuav), connect on our UAV facebook page.

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You can view more examples of our professional services work using UAV tech via our Instagram @geojobeuav


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