UAV and Drone Mapping in Residential & Commercial Construction were HOT in 2017!

GEO Jobe UAV Services Group provides high-resolution digital mapping products to public sector clients in local and county governments, as well as private sector clients in the engineering, construction, utilities, and Land Surveying industries.

500 acre subdivision update with water lines
500 acre subdivision update with water lines

The construction industry, in particular, has been a large and growing sector for our UAV Services group. Many benefits are realized by these clients who are electing to employ UAV data capture technologies and methods. Most notably, UAV data capture is safe and secure, can be flown relatively quickly, and data products are accurate and detailed. In addition to the derivative data products, analysis and reports delivered the clients can also obtain updated ortho photography and digital basemaps for future mapping, digital contour map layers, DEM and 3D data products.

Some additional benefits of using UAVs for the construction sector clients  include:

  • Photos and imagery for marketing and sales efforts
  • Video and images for project management, in particular visualizing change detection
  • Project review and assessment
  • More accurate estimating and bidding
  • Safety and due diligence inspection

We use drones to deliver standard ortho-aerial updates on sites ranging from 3 acres to almost 600 acres. We also deliver topographic data and models with 1’ contour lines for survey, drainage analysis, and grading compliance. ­There are a wide variety of uses and advantages for using a UAV for construction-related projects including for example, Monitoring #construction job sites keep projects on track, on budget and ensures safe practices (See image below). The following are some typical applications for UAS that GEO Jobe UAV can provide:

  • Earthwork volumetric surveys and 3D modeling
  • Topographic mapping
  • Infrastructure/deformation monitoring
  • Infrastructure inspection
  • Asset inventory surveys
  • Visualisation surveys
  • “Progress mapping” suitable for BIM
  • Environmental surveys
  • Thermal inspection surveys
  • more!
Monitoring #construction job sites keep projects on track, on budget and ensures safe practices.

The GEO Jobe UAV crew has been busy flying jobs for a variety of clients recently, including UAV and aerial mapping for construction projects and new residential/neighborhood developments, College campus sites and school facilities, utility inspection, mines, a marina, and more. See more information about our UAV services or contact us HERE

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