UAV Data Collection Supports Infrastructure Mapping, 3D, and Higher Resolution GIS at a Lower Cost

As our UAV Services Division enters another year of project work there’s no signs of slowing down. No doubt this has much to do with the acceptance of UAV/UAS (drone) based data capture efforts in order to get in, get out, start the analysis, and finally, deliver a high quality product, often at a cost to clients that blows their mind! Indeed, the combination of our experience and expertise in GIS, the ArcGIS ecosystem, custom application development, and GEOPowered Cloud technology provides us with a huge advantage over other UAV service providers – a message that we’re proud to share!

If you follow us on one of our many social media channels, you’ve likely seen us share images from the field as we set out on UAV data capture missions (recon and data ingestion) as well as resulting data, 3D images, and other GIS analysis of these data that we so carefully collect and process. This has been a great asset for us in attracting clients from local government, utilities (local water, gas, and electric), construction, EDUs (campus planning and management) and others. These are all industry users who depend on high resolution, accurate, geospatially correct digital data that is current and available for quick provisioning into an existing enterprise GIS database for future use and analysis.

We’re pleased to share some of the recent projects we’ve been involved with and also provide some real-World examples of how UAV data collection is redefining the GIS and mapping industry.

geo jobe UAV services, Tennessee

Professional crew, safety is always #1, and establishing good ground control for accuracy is key!

3D Model delivery for University School of Nashville

3D Model delivery for University School of Nashville

geo jobe UAV services, Tennessee

Updating orthophotos (.5 in. resolution!)  for areas experiencing rapid development. This deliverable will be used for updating new utility infrastructure

geo jobe UAV services, Tennessee

Detailed contour maps

geo jobe UAV services, Tennessee

Impressive, high res. 3D model in of a large project in downtown Murfreesboro Tennessee

Orthophoto project delivery for local government


Volume calculation deliverable of a coal stockpile

Volume calculation deliverable of a coal stockpile

Residential construction, ortho production, DSM, DTM, 1 foot contours

geo jobe uav services

Professional Flight mission planning and data coverage reporting

UAV mapping and UAV data collection for GIS analysis is indeed a Boom industry, of particular interest to many local organizations, government, and facilities is the ability to quickly focus on areas of concern (and development). We can often provide pricing and cost estimates based on a per acre calculation, something that is very attractive for the budget conscious and those agencies that are in need of data updates for communities and sites that are experiencing change and rapid development.

Of interest, GEO Jobe UAV Mapping Services has recently beaten the odds to receive the hard to come by FAA airspace authorization for UAV missions on designated Airport lands. The need for this authorization is based on the Airport authority’s requirements for topographic maps and ortho photos of an industrial site planned to market for development. This is an economic development application of drone based aerial mapping. Controlled airspace around major airport is a restricted activity. If a pilot wants to fly in that airspace, he must get authorization to conduct operations in the controlled airspace. GEO Jobe UAV Services is now part of a very small group of professional UAV service providers successfully completing these requirements.

geo jobe UAV services, Tennessee

We are pleased to be a recognized leader in this space, particularly in the US South-East, including Tennessee and surrounding areas. Indeed the future is bright in this space and the UAV field services appears to be a perfect complement to an already established business of providing custom GIS development, GIS (ArcGIS) services, and GEOPowered Cloud hosting solutions.

Check out our UAV services section and be sure to contact us directly for project questions and pricing for your UAV data collection projects.

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