Urban Planning Sees Greater Situational Awareness with UAV Data and 3D Design Models

There’s no disputing the technological advances and the seemingly endless uses and benefits of UAV / Drone technology. Case in point, Facebook has a plan to map every building on earth, China is measuring air pollution readings, and countless industries (think Amazon) are seriously looking at drone delivery – extend that use case to emergency responders delivering medical aid to victims who are stranded in tough to reach location. We could go on and on and on. For the local government official and urban planner (think College Campus planner also) there are many benefits from employing UAV, aerial data capture.

Our company’s UAV services group has been busy and seen tremendous growth over the past year – they now boast 4 FAA licensed  pilots. We are also in the fortunate position of having 19 years of GIS expertise and a fabulous team of developers within the company. The team enables us to provide additional UAV data processing, analysis, modeling, GIS integration, cloud hosting, and other value-added products and services to our clients. Many of our recent projects are focused on urban development, design, and construction and also for urban planning efforts. In particular, local government and facilities like College Campuses are using us for aerial mapping, utilities and infrastructure inspection, ortho photo production and updates as well as 3D model creation from the drone-collected data. The video (See above) from a Lewisburg, Tennessee project shares a detailed 3D model of a city center block from a recent planning study.

Interested in learning more about UAS and its implications on Planning? Here are a couple of getting started articles of interest. In  “The Future of Urban Planning: Zoning for Drones the author argues that drones are approaching their Model-T moment and soon will proliferate everywhere (we are preparing for this!). In the article “Zoning and Urban Land Use Planning for Drones” the author provides ideas about fly and no fly zones in urban environments. Finally, another interesting article, titled “Drones Will Elevate Urban Design” argues that we’ll achieve greater imageability by being able to more easily capture photographs and videos of spaces. As an example, in a matter of minutes a team was able to capture high resolution imagery of a neighborhood in Mexico City.  (Source: Planetizen)

Is your community planning for UAS or considering drone data capture for a future project? Are you wondering how your organization (local gov, construction form, developer, planner, utility, airport manager) can benefit from a drone-based data capture project?  Contact us with your questions or request for a project bid or price quote.


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