Recap of UC Recaps! A Look Back at the 2018 ESRIUC Science of Where Experience

There was much live blogging and tweeting etc… during #esriuc (case in point, see GeoNet). However, the live sharing is typically short and sweet, brief snippets and teasers about cool things seen and heard while trying to absorb everything. 

Now that the dust has settled, there’s plenty of “meaty” blog posts, videos, summary articles ,and the like being shared around the online GIS ecosystem. The following are a few of these that we found and enjoyed. Did you read or author an ESRIUC summary? Please share it with us if you did.

The Map Gallery is always an amazing place to be at UC, and this year was no different. You may not have had a chance to see all the maps; however, you can still enjoy the online Map Gallery!

Map Gallery Winners – Esri has selected the best of the best from the 2018 map gallery. Browse the winning maps from a number of categories – congrats to all!

ESRIUC on GeoNet – There was loads of activity, along with recaps and more, on the official Esri Geonet site, thanks to their team of contributors.

ESRIUC Opening Video – Each year at UC, the Monday plenary opens with an amazing and truly inspirational video. Esri shared this video with everyone, so we can all see and hear how others are applying real positive change through geography.

Tham Luang Cave Rescue Maps – During the opening plenary, we heard how the ongoing rescue effort in Thailand to free the young soccer players had been progressing – and that some Esri technology was being used to support the response efforts. Bern Szukalski has shred more on Geonet.

The 2018 Esri MapBook – Each year at UC, a highlight of the swag bag is the inclusion of the latest Map Book. If you didn’t get a copy, or perhaps you want to go paperless, you can also browse the Map Book online version. Enjoy the story of each map along with images and, naturally, amazing maps!

Recap from Brent Jones, Global Manager, Land Records/Cadastre, Esri – Brent, always a fixture at UC, provides some thoughts on the 2018 event. He touches on such hot topics as: AI, machine learning, 3D, Dashboards, Autodesk, and more.

Karl Ulrich, 4 Takeaways – Karl provides some thoughts on his 4 days at UC, including his appreciation for Jack’s vision, innovation seen at UC, and some of the hot technologies presented.

Rene Rubalcava @odoenet wrap up blog – From Rene (and Esri staffer), “I was only there a couple of days this year, but I had some people share some really cool stuff they were working on, and I think was able to answer some very specific questions. The team got some great feedback on the ArcGIS API for JavaScript”

Introduction to ArcGIS Indoors – Esri announced ArcGIS Indoors at UC. If this is all new to you, then be sure to check out the new landing page that delves into the latest solution offering that takes mapping inside. Note, ArcGIS Indoors will be available for widespread use by the end of the year.

2018 UC Awards – Esri acknowledged transformative work from worldwide users of its technology, with the Innovation in GIS, Enterprise GIS, Leadership in Government, Making a Difference, and President’s Awards. On Thursday, July 12, the Special Achievement in GIS (SAG) Award will be presented.

Images and numbers of interest from GEO Jobe – shared some thoughts, recap of numbers of interest, and images from #esriuc – enjoy!

images from esriuc

NEWS – Finally, Esri released a number of official news announcement at UC. These were as follows:

So, what did you take away from the 2018 ESRIUC? What got your attention? Did you pen a summary blog or some thoughts? Please share with us or give a tweet and mention @geojobegis – Remember, you can enjoy all the plenary videos on Youtube

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