Esri User Conference – The Rundown

This Year’s Esri UC was the largest one yet, with over 17,000 attendees and close to 27,000 livestream viewers. The main-stage also looked stunning, with an expansive display and larger seating area giving the audience a great view of what was going on.

Esri UC Plenary

During the plenary Jack Dangermond, Founder and President of Esri, introduced this years theme – “See What Others Can’t.” Jack expanded on the theme, explaining that leadership is essential to making GIS work, and the common drive of making a better world possible. It was emphasized that “Through GIS, we provide a geospatial nervous system for the planet.

In addition to this years theme, we also had the opportunity to learn about new technology and features:

  • Story Maps got a makeover! We are now seeing the next generation of Story Map creation with a new Story-Builder. Now everyone can create striking content in a streamlined, clean and easy to use interface.
  • ArcGIS Enterprise saw many improvements, bulk publishing, Webhooks and hosting Python Notebooks
  • The new Experience Builder for Web App Builder is coming soon and we cannot wait to use it. 
  • Improvements and news about AI, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning, as well as Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality implementations.
  • Real-Time Analytics improvements coming to Enterprise and soon for SaaS
  • Professional Learning resources and new certification specialties.
  • This year’s Map Book bundled with everyone’s gift bag covering the topic of Mortality.

Jane Goodall was one of this year’s keynote speakers, where she drew inspiration for her speech from a painter without eyesight. Jane said, “Every single one of us makes an impact on the world every day. It’s in our choices – what we buy, what we eat and what we do. This community using GIS is making a difference every day.” She also attended the map gallery where she did a meet and greet with UC-goers.

Jane Goodall

We had a great time participating as an exhibitor, and we were delighted to meet so many Admin Tools for ArcGIS users. We provided demonstrations showcasing the capabilities of our new product, Clean My Org. “This new solution is one that many of our current users, as well as new users, are very excited about. It seems to fill a need for the hard-working ArcGIS Administrators wanting to streamline their day-to-day workflows and organizational house-keeping with this new application.” -Blake Bilbo, Head of Support.

Our COO, David Hansen, also had the opportunity to share tips for success in a modern B2B Marketplace at the ArcGIS Marketplace SIG. “The ArcGIS Marketplace is revitalized and expanding. There has been no better time to be a customer or provider in the ArcGIS Marketplace. GEO Jobe has expanded its offerings over the last year and will continue to grow in this space with new products and services.” -David Hansen, COO.

We have never been more proud to be an Esri Partner and an ArcGIS Marketplace provider. We came back from the UC inspired and energized to keep providing high quality services to our community. We are already looking forward to next year, but until then, stay in touch! You can always connect with us via social media, the ArcGIS Marketplace, or reach out directly at

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