GeoConX 2019 – Get Connected!

The boys are back in town! We are pleased to be back for GeoConX 2019, taking place October 27-30 at the Cobb Galleria Center in Atlanta, GA. Our very own David Hansen and Danny Menikheim will be manning our booth – #421.

Whether this is your first GeoConX conference or you’re a seasoned veteran, you will find no greater meeting of the minds when it comes to the electric, gas, and telecommunications GIS industries all under one roof. Attendees will have their time filled with exhibitors and presentations from those in the utility industry debuting new products or services.

If it is any indication, last year’s GeoConX, which took place in Dallas, TX, was a rousing success with over 800 attendees! During those three packed days, there were 55 presentations and 14 tech sessions. The turnout and experience was incredible for everyone that attended, exhibited, and presented. I know our guys were happy to be there and they are already looking forward to this year’s convention!

As you make your way through the GeoConX exhibitor hall, make sure to stop by booth #421. David and Danny will be there to greet you with a smile. Not only can you get caught up on our latest work in the utility industry and new things we’re accomplishing with our business partners, but you can also learn about GEO Jobe’s enterprises Managed Services, and our custom software Professional Services. In addition, you can demo these products from our GEO Jobe suite of ArcGIS tools:

Think that’s enough to take in from one booth? We’re not done yet! We have partnered with con terra to provide their enterprise solution security.manager. This tool is great for those in the utility and telecom industry, as it allows fine-tuned granular access and filtering controls for your web mapping applications. The real power of this tool is freeing your time by only having to publish a web mapping application just once, then apply the filters using security.manager to control who has access and visibility to the data in it based on the users group.

As an Esri Silver Partner, we have worked hard with other great partners in the utility segment. We are proud of the work we have done with Oncor Electric Distribution in Dallas, TX. In addition to the long hours trying to spread the word of the Utility Network, we strive hard to work toward our next achievement from Esri Partner program – the Utility Network Designation!

In case you missed our COO, David Hansen, as a keynote speaker for GIS In the Rockies, then don’t miss your chance while you’re in Atlanta. David’s presentation during the AEC Summit will take place Sunday, October 27, just before the start of the GeoConX convention. His presentation will cover the ongoing collaboration between GEO Jobe and Esri related to ortho-imagery as it will provide a revolutionary innovation that will affect many GIS users, especially Utilities, moving forward.

“It’s such a pleasure to share with the audience at this year’s AEC Summit and to have a booth at GeoConx. I really look forward to connecting with GEO Jobe’s existing customers and meeting potential new customers in Atlanta next week.” – David Hansen, COO

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