Presentation – Recent and Relevant GIS startup Technologies – making our jobs easier and the World smaller

This week at  the annual Mississippi Association for Spatial Technologies (MAST) Geospatial Conference at the Gulf Park Campus of University of Southern Mississippi in Long Beach, MS, GEO Jobe VP of Software Development, David Hansen (@DHansen601), was invited to give a presentation on GIS startup Technologies. GEO Jobe, an Esri business Partner and solution provider has a strong interest in startup technologies and has worked with several new startups to help them get acquainted with the Esri platform and implement Esri solutions in their apps.

MAST presentation


In his presentation David provided attendees with some real World examples of how cutting edge startup companies are using GIS and geospatial technologies to drive their business and make BIG headlines in some cases! David drew on several examples from the Esri startup program (note, GEO Jobe has worked, and is currently working with, several startups program companies to assist them with implementing Esri solutions in their business and apps). David entertained the attendees with examples from Esri startup program companies Mapillary, Maptiks, Echosec, and what3words. The title of the presentation was Recent and Relevant GIS startup Technologies – making our jobs easier and the World smaller. Our team captured the presentation on video and shared it live over Twitter via Periscope (see above or click HERE).


David used an example of how Google StreetView may not be useful for a project because the data is out of date. David mentions how utilities could use Mapillary to collect data, use it later in ArcGIS online, gather feature attributes and point features all with a free app. David shows how a road segment in Biloxi, MS has been updated by a crowdsourced user, whereas the same image in Google has yet to be updated to show a recently added roundabout, a relatively important feature!


David compared it to Google analytics for your maps. Helps you better understand how users are engaging with your map. Explain situations to a map administrator like why are so many users looking at a certain area. Determine bounce rates, how users are engaging with your maps


Analyze real-time and search social media posts on the map. David explored N Korea as an example, as he explored areas in N Korea and Syria to see on the ground stories taking place right now providing actionable intelligence and even added security by searching through numerous social feeds, including data from Russian social media service VK. Echosec has made great strides in the military, security and geoint markets with their Enterprise (Pro) version of the app.


Giving anyone in the World the ability to define any 3x by 3m square location in the world simply by using a combination of 3 words. The startup has made huge strides in areas in the World where populations are not served by a proper address system. What3words helps anyone answer the question, “where are you?”

About the Esri Startup Program

The program is a free, three year program that gives emerging businesses the tools to build mapping and location analytics capabilities into their products. Qualifying startups receive online services, software, training and support, content, and other opportunities to help them succeed.

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Are you a startup looking to leverage GIS and geospatial technology in your business? GEO Jobe can help you implement Esri solutions and technologies in your business and would be glad to discuss with you. Maybe you’ll be the next Esri small business partner to team up with us!

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