Recap of UC Recaps! GIS & GeoTech companies Recall their 2017 ESRIUC Science of Where Experience

There was much live blogging and tweeting etc… during #esriuc (case in point, see GeoNet), however, the live sharing is typically short and sweet, brief snippets, and teasers about cool things seen and heard while trying to absorb everything. Now that the dust has settled, there’s plenty of “meaty” blog posts, videos, summary articles and the like being shared around the online GIS ecosystem. The following are a few of these that we found and enjoyed. Did you read or author an ESRIUC summary? Please do share it with us if you did.

Video Credit: con Terra

Geonexus’ Week at UC – From Geonexus… To give you a taste of GeoNexus’ Week at the Esri UC 2017, we asked Beth Sample (our Implementation Specialist/Esri UC newbie) to reflect on her first conference. She describes her experience below and even made an Esri Story Map so you can “tour” our week in San Diego.

Blue Raster recap & Story Map from ESRIUC – Blue Raster was all over the place (Again)! This team from popular Esri business partner Blue Raster had a big presence at a busy booth on the exhibition hall floor. They took home awards, delivered presentations, entered maps in the gallery, hosted a party, gave away a ton of cool “spinners”, blogged, tweeted, and did it all! The team shared a fine summary blog post as well as a cool Story Map.

The Science of Where: Ideas for GIS Education – Damien Mansell’s Top 5 take home messages from 2017 esri User Conference

StoryMap – the ESRIUC in Pictures – Memorable momts captured in a fun Story Map

Video – Esri User Conference 2017 in San Diego. con terra Rückblick/Review – The crew from con Terra had a very full week in San Diego and documented the whole thing in video. Great job with this post UC video editing. Gives you a great feel for what UC is like for an exhibiting company.

Video, SAP at ESRIUC – SAP attended the ESRI User Conference July 11 – 13 in San Diego, California where roughly 15,000 people gathered to understand how geospatial processing and analytics can be used to improve businesses. Watch all the SAP activities at the conference and learn how SAP HANA, SAP Analytics, and SAP Geo Framework – great job! at ESRIUC – Esri startup program member company, indoors, shares their UC experience and tech updates about their indoor positioning solutions.

Official Esri Blogs – Esri has assigned a number of their team to create and share stories, technology updates and more from the UC. A number of interesting blog posts emerged during the conference as well as posr ESRIUC. For example, the EDU crew shared a blog on social media from the Ed Conference, there’s an ArcGIS Pro SDK update to be found and much more.

Video from Joseph Kerski – Not to be missed, Joseph Kerski of Esri shares his closing thoughts about the conference. Joseph discusses the Science of Where, WebGIS, cloud computing, Geospatial / GIS in education and other important topics. Great Insight Joseph!

GeoNet ESRIUC updates – The Esri Geonet crew had some guest bloggers and staffers sharing updates from UC. Some excellent insights here from insiders.

The Sun Columns by Cheryl Brown – a recap from a journalist who experienced the ESRIUC for her readers. A mainstream recap rather than a geogeek summary of the conference.

Video – Walk Around the Esri Startup Zone – The exhibition hall was huge and there’s always tons of activity and cool technology to see. OF particular interest is the Esri Startup Zone. Here’s where some 20 startup program member companies were showing off how they are working with Esri technology to hopefully take their company to the next level. Enjoy this walk around.

Esri Plenary Videos – Esri has shared all the videos from presentations delivered on Monday, Day 1 of the conference. Enjoy Jack Dangermond’s welcome address, technology presentations from key product leads, and some great demonstrations from partners and end users.

GEO Jobe MapThis blog – Yes indeed, right here we’ve shared a number of post-UC blogs and articles including: a special 5Things from UC; ESRIUC by the numbers; a detailed look at ArcGIS Pro at V 2.0; Top 10 videos from the event; and a fun image gallery on our facebook page.


2017 esriuc summary

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