Tech Tip Tuesday: GEO Event – @GeoDesignSummit 2017

Here’s a Geotech event of interest to include in your calendar, the 2017 [Esri] Geodesign Summit. Scheduled for January 24-26, 2017, event attendees include planning professionals across all levels of government, commercial firms, academia, and NGOs.

Geodesign Summit

Geodesign provides a design framework and supporting technology for professionals to leverage geographic information, resulting in designs that more closely follow natural systems.

Attendees and professionals are encouraged to attend the Geodesign Summit 2017 to:

  • See how geographic information system (GIS) and geodesign will change the way you think about the planning practice
  • Learn how planning in 3D is becoming the norm
  • Understand how simple apps transform workflows and improve citizen engagement
  • Realize the importance of developing and training a workforce that leverages new tools and technology

More about the 2017 Geodesign Summit:

This year’s event will change the way you think about the planning practice. You’ll hear from your colleagues and GIS experts about smart planning technology and geodesign techniques that will help you evaluate planning proposals against possible outcomes, engage diverse voices, and communicate effectively across departments and with the public. (Source: Esri). The event will be spread over 3 days with attendees expecting to participate in workshops, evening dinner and networking, keynotes, featured speakers, and educational sessions.

To learn more about the summit, visit and see also past Geodesign Summit videos

At the 2017 Summit, the Esri team and attendees will continue the conversation around a holistic approach to building smarter communities.

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