Create Landsat Land Cover Change & Time Series Images Free with MapLapse for AcGIS Online

When was the last time you browsed the ArcGIS Marketplace? Hopefully as an ArcGIS user you visit the Marketplace periodically. If not then you are definitely missing out on some useful tools. Naturally not everything is free (developers have to eat too!) , however, you can try before you buy with most apps and you can also grab completely free apps as well (eg. our Mapfolio & popular Admin Tools products are completely free) which are listed under the “FREE” tab in the Marketplace.  Those of you looking for an awesome timelapse image generation solution though, look no further than MapLapse.

What is Maplapse?

Using MapLapse now you can easily visualize change in any area with a few easy clicks. Simply choose an extent, choose a data source, and hit go. MapLapse will quickly do all the work for you generating a GIF you can either use in your ArcGIS Online organization, offline in a presentation, or embedded in a website.

Use MapLapse to quickly and easily create your own time lapse animations. Getting up and running is easy. Simply visit the Marketplace, login to your account, download / provision the app, enjoy! Once you provision the app you may be wondering how to start. We’ve created a simple animation below that walks you through where to find the app within your organizational assets.


MapLapse provides users with the ability to create time series animations using several change detection methods including analysis of falso color imagery, land/water change detection, agriculture land, and healthy vegetation analysis.

maplapse landsat animation, China
maplapse landsat animation, China


healthy vegetation time series, Vancouver suburbs
healthy vegetation time series, Vancouver BC suburbs

MapLapse, can be used by many industries, for example but not limited to, urban planning and development, resource management, office of zoning, agricultural production, land cover, land use and change, ecology, restoration, local governments, education and research institutions.

Quick Steps

  • Sign in with ArcGIS Online
  • Navigate to a place of interest
  • Define bounding box
  • Select Natural Color, False Color, LandWater, Agriculture, or Healthy Vegetation
  • Run/ “Create”
  • Generate/Download images, GIF.
  • See the change for yourself!

About the history of MapLapse:

GeoMarvel, an Esri Emerging Business Partner, and GEO Jobe worked together on the release of MapLapse, a cutting-edge application using critical technologies to solve a real world problem. Use MapLapse as a professional tool to look into any land cover land use change genre. Such as planning and zoning, utilities, environmental groups, gis organizations, solution providers, local government, research / education and more. MapLapse is available from the ArcGIS Marketplace in two options, Free and Professional.

You can get started with the free MapLapse for ArcGIS Online here

How are you using MapLapse?  We’d love to see and hear from you. Be sure to share your awesome MapLapse GIF on Twitter or Instagram and be sure to hashtag it #MapLapse

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