Honoring Our Veterans – Thank a Hero on the Story Map

On this Veteran’s Day (or Remembrance Day, depending where you live) there’s many ways pay tribute, honor and remember those who have paid the ultimate price and made the ultimate sacrifice for freedom. Esri has shared a special Story Map where you can honor a veteran by adding them along with a short story or tribute – very nice touch and thank-you to all the veterans!

Honoring our veterans on the map

Participating and sharing is easy with this crowd-sourced Story Map. Click the Thank a hero link to reveal a map showing all the stories added to date. Additionally, images of all the veterans listed can be browsed on the right side-bar.  To contribute click the Participate button (upper right), sign in with ArcGIS, Google, or facebook, or as a guest. Add a photo, name, location description and any comments or tributes.

honor a vetran

You can honor a veteran on the map HERE – Thank-you for the fine resource Esri!

For more information about the Crowd-sourced StoryMap Template (Beta) see HERE

See also this crowdsource storymap tutorial




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